Some Thoughts On This Father's Day

By: Dr. Harry Reeder
September 8, 2015 2:42 PM

My last conversation with Dad over the phone ended the way they usually did; “Thanks Dad, I love you”. I often prayed that I could be with my Dad when the Lord called him home, but God in His wisdom Providentially decreed otherwise.  He took him home quickly from a golf course as he approached the 18th green.  I cannot think of a more appropriate place unless it had been with his family.  But if I had been with him after saying “I love you, Dad and thanks” I would have mentioned many other things I was thankful for… here are a few of them…

Thanks Dad for…

being my best friend,

being my Father and I never wanted another,

being my coach not only in sports but in life,

Thanks Dad for…

making me so proud of you,

always calling me Son,

giving me Mom and three great Sisters,

Thanks Dad for…

teaching me how to hit a baseball,

how to shoot a basketball and block out for a rebound,

to make a wrap up tackle in football,

and sharing the joy of a round of golf on a summer afternoon with my best friend – you.

Thanks Dad for…

teaching me the joy of reading,

the excitement of history,

the magic of stories and storytelling.

Thanks Dad for…

showing me how to love, honor and respect my parents, by the way you loved yours,

taking me into your everyday life,

sharing with me the places you grew up and the stories of your life in those same places.

Thanks Dad for….

showing me the importance of family,

and how to be a Dad,

and how to both work hard and play hard.

Thanks Dad for….

not sending me to church but taking me,

giving me wisdom about how to live life and to enjoy life,

explaining how I could have eternal life in Christ,

reminding me that God’s grace is greater than my sin,

returning to the Lord, finishing strong and seeking to bring others across the finish line with you.

Thanks Dad for…

being my Daddy,

giving me your name to both bear and wear for life

loving me and,

for not only being my Dad but also for being my hero.

And thank you Lord for…

giving me not just any Dad but one who became my best friend and Hero.


Mammy, that 8 year old grandson, who read the Bible for you after school every day because you couldn’t read and then prayed with you as you interceded for everyone in the Reeder family; he is now with you, along with all nine of your children and many other grandchildren.  Thanks for praying Mammy. And thanks O Lord for answering so graciously and tenaciously Lord.  So now Mammy, one more is home Mammy and more are coming.

Not one day goes by that I don’t miss you (and Mom). Would love to one more time “play catch” or “tee it up” or a “Golden Gloves Friday night” or another late afternoon at Sunset Beach, just hear another Reeder family story. While that will not be happening on this side, I’ll see you and Mom soon Dad and because of our Lord’s faithfulness, Vicki, Amy and Beth and all of our families are coming home too. Tell Mom we won’t be late our Savior will see to it…     

A forever grateful Son