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Biden Administration Tries Circumventing SCOTUS
Listen 7-6-2022

School Choice Takes Major Step Forward After SCOTUS Ruling
Listen 7-5-2022

Independence Day 2024, and Why Progressives Want To Erase American History
Listen 7-4-2022

William Barr: "Gov. Usurping Role of Religion... Banning Christianity From Education"
Listen 7-1-2022

SCOTUS Releases Critical Opinion Concerning Religious Freedom
Listen 6-30-2022

An Analysis of Reactions Over SCOTUS Returning Abortion Ruling Back To the States
Listen 6-29-2022

A Biblical Perspective On Euthanasia and Suicide
Listen 6-28-2022

June 24, 2022, A Day For Remembering and Rejoicing
Listen 6-27-2022

FINA Brings Back Common Sense and Equity to Competitive Swimming
Listen 6-24-2022

Partisan Divide Over Sanctity of Life Ever Increasing
Listen 6-23-2022

Suicidality Causes Mass Shootings; But What Is Causing Suicidality?
Listen 6-22-2022

Some State Prosecutors Say They Will Abandon Responsibilities to Enforce the Law
Listen 6-21-2022

The Reformation Reshaped Christianity and Why We Need It Again
Listen 6-20-2022

This Present Darkness Very Evident in Certain Sections of America
Listen 6-17-2022

Digging Deep Into Details of Gallup "Roe V. Wade' Public Opinion Poll
Listen 6-16-2022

Two Drastically Differing Thoughts on Gay Pride Month
Listen 6-15-2022

Lessons For The Evangelical Church; Take Note From Within The United Methodist Church
Listen 6-14-2022

A Biblical Perspective of the Unbridled Violence within our Society
Listen 6-13-2022

Christianity and Evolution Are Not Compatible
Listen 6-10-2022

Why Has The American Evangelical Church Lost Its Saltiness
Listen 6-9-2022

The Real Reason Church Members Remain Committed to a Congregation
Listen 6-8-2022

Mission Creep Destroying Business and the Church
Listen 6-7-2022

Parents Beware of GSA and Drage Queen Shows in Public Schools
Listen 6-6-2022

Gaining Insight While On Sight
Listen 6-3-2022

John Piper Addresses Impotent Preaching
Listen 6-2-2022

Government Teachers Usurp Authority
Listen 6-1-2022

State Farm; A Creepy Neighbor? And A Most Bizarre Editorial On Abortion
Listen 5-31-2022

Memorial Day 2022...Honoring Those Who Gave The Last Full Measure
Listen 5-30-2022

Two Ecclesiastical Stories Reflecting the Worlds Influence on the Church
Listen 5-27-2022

Private Christian School Is Publicly Scorned For Embracing and Teaching Biblical Worldview
Listen 5-26-2022

A So-Called Evangelical Denomination Comes Out In Support of Abortion
Listen 5-25-2022

House Judiciary Committee Reveals How Entrenched the Sexual Revolution is In Our Culture
Listen 5-24-2022

A Mere 37 % of U.S. Pastors Hold to a Biblical Worldview
Listen 5-23-2022

Lightening Round, 3 Stories All Pointing to the Reality of Evil
Listen 5-20-2022

Prestigious University Hires Doctor with Bizarre, Unbiblical, View of Pedophilia
Listen 5-19-2022

Responding To An Inference That Christians Ought Not Debate Political Positions On Abortion
Listen 5-18-2022

A Most Convincing Rational, Dismantling Pro-Abortion Dogma Ever Uttered In the U.S. Senate
Listen 5-17-2022

Schumer Fails to Gain a Unified Party Vote for His Anytime, Any Reason Abortion Bill
Listen 5-16-2022

Abortion Clashes; A Symptom of the Spiritual Conflict of Principalities
Listen 5-13-2022

Russia, A World Superpower Or a Dissolving Kingdom
Listen 5-12-2022

The Expected Response From the Death Culture Over the SCOTUS Leak
Listen 5-11-2022

A Very Unamerican Disinformation Governance Board
Listen 5-10-2022

An Overview of Justice Alito's 1st Draft Opinion of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health
Listen 5-9-2022

Honoring the Godly, Cub Protecting, Mama Bears
Listen 5-6-2022

The Unprecedented Breach at SCOTUS
Listen 5-5-2022

Pulling Back the Curtain As To Why Certain Denominations Are Collapsing
Listen 5-4-2022

Wall St. Journal Lays Out OP-ED For SCOTUS Overturning Roe V. Wade
Listen 5-3-2022

Progressive Bristle at Possible SCOTUS Affirmation of Public Prayer
Listen 5-2-2022

Highest Level Ever Recorded For Teens Feeling Hopeless and Sad
Listen 4-29-2022

Football Coach Joe Kennedy, Exhibit A in Sharing the Love of Christ with Unbelievers
Listen 4-28-2022

United Methodist Falling Down the Slippery Slope of Progressive Christianity
Listen 4-27-2022

Leaving a Biblical Legacy To The Next Generation of Pastors
Listen 4-26-2022

WA PO Says Big Business Last Firewall For Pro Abortion Advocates
Listen 4-25-2022

Governmental Courts Uphold Fundamental Rights To Freedom of Speech and Religion
Listen 4-22-2022

Massachusetts City Council Outlaws Pro Life Pregnancy Centers
Listen 4-21-2022

Research Says Intense Academics at Younger Ages Is Not the Cure All
Listen 4-20-2022

Survey Says: Christian Parents Missing the Mark in Living Consistently Before Their Children
Listen 4-19-2022

Scottie Scheffler Using His Platform to Glorify God and Enjoy Him Before a Watching World
Listen 4-18-2022

Good News...Good Friday
Listen 4-15-2022

Government Program To Promote Responsible Fatherhood
Listen 4-14-2022

Why Are So Many Americans No Longer Reading Their Bibles?
Listen 4-13-2022

Christian Education and the Resistance to It From a Secular World
Listen 4-12-2022

Has the Progressive Agenda Gone Too Far? Will There Be Different Type of Reset?
Listen 4-11-2022

Bold Christians Standing Firm For Free Speech
Listen 4-8-2022

LGBTQ+ Sexual Revolution Takes Dead Aim At The Church
Listen 4-7-2022

Liberal Educators Are Gnashing Their Teeth Over Florida Parental Rights Law, HB-1557
Listen 4-6-2022

Another Bizarre Terminus of the Sexual Revolution
Listen 4-5-2022

Two States With Two Diametrically Opposing Approaches To Sex Education
Listen 4-4-2022

Will Smith's Response... Honoring His Wife, or Overreaction?
Listen 4-1-2022

When It Comes To International Diplomacy, Let Your Yes Be Yes... and Let Your No Be No
Listen 3-31-2022

God's Equipping of the Believer to Tackle the Mission of the Church
Listen 3-30-2022

Is The Bible Truly Sufficient?
Listen 3-29-2022

Is It Possibile For a Justice Not To Have A Judicial Philosophy?
Listen 3-28-2022

The United States Obligation to Come to the Aid of the Ukrainian People
Listen 3-25-2022

So Called "Tolerant" Yale Law School Students Shout Down a Forum On Free Speech
Listen 3-24-2022

The Stark Difference Between Biblical Christianity and Progressive Christianity
Listen 3-23-2022

A Biblical Perspective On The War in Ukraine
Listen 3-22-2022

USA Today Joins In the War on Women: Names a Biological Man as One of Its Women of the Year
Listen 3-21-2022

Sad Commentary on Christian Parenting; A Mere 4% Possess a Biblical Worldview
Listen 3-18-2022

Florida Passes Bill Forbidding Sexual Grooming of Young Children; Progressives are Furious
Listen 3-17-2022

Florida Passes Bill Forbidding Sexual Grooming of Young Children; Progressives are Furious
Listen 3-16-2022

Increasing Number of Those Entering the Political Arena Are Thinking Biblically
Listen 3-15-2022

Virginia Democrats Double Down On Governor Northam's Infanticide
Listen 3-14-2022

As Goes the Leadership...So Goes the Church
Listen 3-11-2022

Survey Says: Anglican Worshippers Way Off Course On Biblical Marriage and Sexuality
Listen 3-10-2022

No Fault Divorce, An Excuse For Unbiblical Behavior That Devastates the Children
Listen 3-9-2022

What Criteria Did President Biden Use to Select Replacement For Stephen Breyer?
Listen 3-8-2022

SCOTUS Refuses Christian College Appeal, Question Arises: What Is a True Christian Education?
Listen 3-7-2022

Praying For Ukraine; Are We Living in The End Times?
Listen 3-4-2022

Congress Goes On Record Concerning Affirmation of Roe v. Wade
Listen 3-3-2022

California Law Forces All Doctors to Potentially Participate In Assisted Suicide
Listen 3-2-2022

Texas Standing Up For Life On Two Different Fronts
Listen 3-1-2022

The Christian's Response to the Situation in Ukraine
Listen 2-28-2022

When It Comes To Biblical Parenting; Be Hands On
Listen 2-25-2022

The Steps of a Christian Walk For Christ (Part 2)
Listen 2-24-2022

An After School Satan Club... Is This How the Devil Operates
Listen 2-23-2022

Two States Reflecting a House Divided Over The Sanctity of Life
Listen 2-22-2022

What is The Bigger Issue Related To The Canadian Freedom Convoy?
Listen 2-21-2022

Reports Go Against Culture's Narrative About What Makes For Lasting Marriages
Listen 2-18-2022

Two Overtures Aimed To Maintain High Standards for Leadership in the PCA Fail
Listen 2-17-2022

How Social Justice is Actually Making It More Dangerous To Be a Part of Our Military
Listen 2-16-2022

The Rules of the Family Have Changed
Listen 2-15-2022

Why Individuals and Families Stay Committed To Their Church Congregation
Listen 2-14-2022

Why Some Simply Don't Score Well on the Happiness Index
Listen 2-11-2022

Integrity, Sportsmanship, and Character, Truly Make a Hall of Famer
Listen 2-10-2022

How To Make a Loving Use of a Negative Stigma
Listen 2-9-2022

What Could Make a Generation So Ungracious?
Listen 2-8-2022

The Sexual Revolution's Ploy to Do An End Around on Parents
Listen 2-7-2022

In an Age of Technological Advancement, Can We Have Virtual Worship?
Listen 2-4-2022

The Literal and Multifaceted Pain of Transmasculine Surgery
Listen 2-3-2022

True Conservatism Must Include Biblical Marriage and Family
Listen 2-2-2022

Leadership Matters... The Problems Within the Evangelical Church Is Exhibit A
Listen 2-1-2022

President Biden's Criteria For New Supreme Court Justice Violates Previous SCOTUS Decision
Listen 1-31-2022

Progressives Changing Defintions and Eliminating Words in An Attempt To Change Culture
Listen 1-28-2022

Grasping at Straws to Justify Roe v. Wade
Listen 1-27-2022

How To Address the Biggest Concern for Pastors: Developing Leaders
Listen 1-26-2022

Cultural Elites Doing All The Can To Eliminate the First Liberty of the First Amendment
Listen 1-25-2022

YouTube Censors Biblical Sexuality Sermon, Calling It Hate Speech
Listen 1-24-2022

In Light of New Canadian Law, Pastors Facing Call to Civil Disobedience
Listen 1-21-2022

Stark Remarks Concerning Uyghur Muslims... and... Biden Vaccine Mandate Stayed
Listen 1-20-2022

The Results of a Society That Discards Life As If It Were Refuse
Listen 1-19-2022

The Verbal Gymnastics of Attempting to Make the Perverted...Acceptable
Listen 1-18-2022

And The Two Shall Become One; Dr. Frank & Mrs. Barbara Baker
Listen 1-17-2022

How the Christian Ought to Address Conspiracy Issues
Listen 1-14-2022

Adressing the Climate Change Issue Through Godly Stewardship
Listen 1-13-2022

Illinois Gov. Signs Bill That Allows Minors to Receive Abortions Without Parents Knowledge
Listen 1-12-2022

John Roberts Year End Report: Congress Leave Your Hands Off of the Judiciary Branch
Listen 1-11-2022

Despite America's Secularization 29% Make Resolution Concerning Their Relationship With God
Listen 1-10-2022

The Great Reset Must Include Progressives Taking Ownership of Children Via Education
Listen 1-7-2022

Progressives Once Again Attempt to Usurp Constitution and Federalize Elections
Listen 1-6-2022

Irony; A Revisionist Wants To Eliminate Parental Educational Decisions
Listen 1-5-2022

Academia Pushing the Narrative For a State License to Parent Your Child
Listen 1-4-2022

Taking a Look Back on the Good News...Bad News of 2021
Listen 1-3-2022

Prioritizing Life For The New Year
Listen 12-31-2021

Rev. Frank Barber, A Life Well Lived
Listen 12-30-2021

The Religious Composition of the USA in the Midst of a Shrinking Population
Listen 12-29-2021

University Education Professor Touts Public Education While Sending His Kids To Elite Private School
Listen 12-28-2021

The Big Bucks Bottom Line in the Industries of Transgenderism and Abortion
Listen 12-27-2021

Isaiah's Foretelling of the Incarnation (Part 2)
Listen 12-24-2021

Isaiah's Foretelling of the Incarnation (Part 1)
Listen 12-23-2021

Why Having a Blue Christmas Misses the Glorious Purpose of the Incarnation
Listen 12-22-2021

Using Advent and the Church Calendar in Kingdom Work
Listen 12-21-2021

Revisiting the U of Penn Women's Swim Team... A Microcosm of Our Lost Culture
Listen 12-20-2021

SCOTUS, And The Mixed Results on the Texas Abortion Law
Listen 12-17-2021

The Kentucky Tornado Tragedy; God's Sovereingty In The Midst of the Storm
Listen 12-16-2021

Holston United Methodist Foster Care Challenging Biden Administration's Unbiblical Edict
Listen 12-15-2021

Government Schools Attempting to Command Control Over Children in Place of Parents
Listen 12-14-2021

Another SCOTUS Oral Argument with Implications for the Christian Family; School Choice
Listen 12-13-2021

A Review of John Stonestreet's Take On SCOTUS, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health
Listen 12-10-2021

A Review of John Stonestreet's Take On The Evangelical Church & Progressive Christianity
Listen 12-9-2021

A Transgender Swimmer Crushing Records While Also Crushing Women's Athletics
Listen 12-8-2021

Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health...A Reason to Be Encouraged
Listen 12-7-2021

Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health...A Reason to Be Encouraged
Listen 12-6-2021

Virginia School System Reimplements Pornographic Books Into School Libraries
Listen 12-3-2021

Science Catches Up with Biblical Truth... The Two Shall Become One
Listen 12-2-2021

One Nations Under God Should Not Equate to One Religion Under God
Listen 12-1-2021

Judicial Malfeasance and Its Costly Ramifications on America
Listen 11-30-2021

The Rittenhouse Trial; The Jury Succeeded in Spite of Journalistic Meddling
Listen 11-29-2021

On The Advent of the Advent Season
Listen 11-26-2021

Thanksgiving, A Uniquely Christian American Holiday
Listen 11-25-2021

University Professor Aims To Destigmatize Pedophilia Desires
Listen 11-24-2021

New Hampshire Student Punished For Daring to Say There are Two Genders
Listen 11-23-2021

S.C. Governor Says Enough Is Enough... Audit the School Libraries, Purge Pornogrpahy
Listen 11-22-2021

Christian School Castigated For Teaching Their Beliefs, and What Is True Worship?
Listen 11-19-2021

Cultural Revolutionaries Are Confronted With Reality; Abortion Is The Loss of a Child
Listen 11-18-2021

PCA Deliberates Overtures Challenging Side B LGBTQ Christians Infiltration Into the Church
Listen 11-17-2021

Vermont Middle and Senior High Schools Require Condoms Be Distributed to Students
Listen 11-16-2021

NBC Airs a So-Called Comedy Skit Attempting Levity Concerning Abortion
Listen 11-15-2021

Max McLean and the Most Reluctant Convert
Listen 11-12-2021

A Well Deserved Recognition For a Christian Journalistic Pioneer
Listen 11-11-2021

SCOTUS Takes Up Important 2nd Amendment Rights Case
Listen 11-10-2021

Anti-Police Progressives Take It On the Chin at the Ballot Box
Listen 11-9-2021

In the Name of Human Rights, Virginia Attempts To Control Which Babysitter Parents Can Hire
Listen 11-8-2021

What Can We Learn From the Reported Meeting Between The President and the Pope
Listen 11-5-2021

A Post Script on the November 2nd Election
Listen 11-4-2021

States Hold the Executive Branch Accountable
Listen 11-3-2021

Multiple State School Boards Push Back on National School Board and DOJ
Listen 11-2-2021

Survey Says: Gen Z is Spiritual, But They Reject Organized Religion
Listen 11-1-2021

Reformation Day 2021
Listen 10-29-2021

30 % of Millennials Identify With the LBGTQ Agenda For Their Significance
Listen 10-28-2021

How America Views Marriage
Listen 10-27-2021

The Immoral Industry Springing Up Around Transgenderism
Listen 10-26-2021

The Biden Administration's Seemingly Cavalier Attitude Toward Life
Listen 10-25-2021

Main Stream Journalists Agree... Covering Both Sides and Being Fair Is Not Fair
Listen 10-22-2021

Presbyterian USA Minister Calls Abortion Morally Good... Woe to Those Who Call Evil Good
Listen 10-21-2021

America's Worldview Crisis
Listen 10-20-2021

Virginia Father Arrested While Shining Spotlight on Policies Which Accommodates Sexual Predators
Listen 10-19-2021

Government Schools Evolution From Academic Value to a Breeding Ground For Educational Activists
Listen 10-18-2021

Research Team Discovers What Could Be the Evidence of the Destruction of Sodom
Listen 10-15-2021

NC Lt. Governor Stands Up Against Immoral Classroom Indoctrination
Listen 10-14-2021

The Broadly Held Misconception That God Exists to Make Us Happy
Listen 10-13-2021

WO PO Writer Wants Her Own Religious Exemption Against Pro Life Legislation
Listen 10-12-2021

OP ED From Once Respected Publication, Indicates Writer Needs To Take Biology 101
Listen 10-11-2021

God's Foundational Institution of Biblical Marriage, Without It Society Will Collapse
Listen 10-8-2021

George Washington Carver, A Life Reflecting Biblical Justice
Listen 10-7-2021

Social Justice vs. Biblical Justice, Where Does the Church Land?
Listen 10-6-2021

Is America Turning the Final Page From a Free Enterprise Republic to Socialist Welfare State?
Listen 10-5-2021

The Lack of Accountability and Responsibility Now Finding Its Way Into Our Military
Listen 10-4-2021

More Blatant, Perverse, Illegal, Pornography Being Promoted in Government Schools
Listen 10-1-2021

More Blatant, Perverse, Illegal, Pornography Being Promoted in Government Schools
Listen 9-30-2021

The Sad Disappearing Act of Biblical Manhood
Listen 9-29-2021

Female Athletes Place the Importance of Personal Affirmation Over the Life of Their Child
Listen 9-28-2021

Lightening Round... H.R. 4... Clarence Thomas... New York Harasses Christian Organization
Listen 9-27-2021

Texas Doctor Condescendingly Defies Abortion Court Ruling; Biden Administration Says, "We Have Your Back."
Listen 9-24-2021

The Importance of Trust In Relationships... Both Personally and Internationally
Listen 9-23-2021

America's Foundational Institutions Losing the Trust of Its People, Part 3: Governmental Education
Listen 9-22-2021

America's Foundational Institutions Losing the Trust of Its People, Part 2: The FBI
Listen 9-21-2021

America's Foundational Institutions Losing the Trust of the People, Part 1: The Military
Listen 9-20-2021

New York Times Editorial: God Has No Place In Supreme Court Opinions
Listen 9-17-2021

Constitutional Questions... The Fallout of the Biden, Covid 19, Vaccine Mandates
Listen 9-16-2021

Billionaire Marc Lore Announces The Coming Utopian City
Listen 9-15-2021

The Epidemic of Women Aspiring to Have Children Without the Aspiration of Marriage
Listen 9-14-2021

California Lawmakers To Micromanage Retailors In The Name of Gender Equity
Listen 9-13-2021

20 States Sue Biden Administration Over Gender Identity Bureaucratic Overreach
Listen 9-10-2021

The Intense Pushback on the SCOTUS Opinion Upholding Texas Pro Life Law
Listen 9-9-2021

One Big Problem With the Newest Chief Chaplain at Harvard
Listen 9-8-2021

In Possible Preview of Roe v Wade Re-Litigation, SCOTUS Allows Texas Pro Life Law To Remain In Force
Listen 9-7-2021

The Constitution and The Courts Affirm, the Church To Be Considered Essential
Listen 9-6-2021

Are American Parents Walking Away From the Governmental Education System?
Listen 9-3-2021

Two Stories Testifying to the Importance of Having Originalists on the Supreme Court
Listen 9-2-2021

How to Biblically Combat the Fears that are Dominating Our Lives
Listen 9-1-2021

Religious Views and Practice Survey Reveals the Anemic Condition of American Christians
Listen 8-31-2021

U.S. Fifth Circuit Court Asks Introspective, Apologetics Question Concerning Abortion Case
Listen 8-30-2021

The Statistical Evidence of the Hollowness of Gen Z
Listen 8-27-2021

Is Biden's Capitulation to the Taliban... September 1938 All Over Again?
Listen 8-26-2021

More Londoun County Teachers Stand Up For Truth As They Oppose Transgenderism Ideology
Listen 8-25-2021

Celebrating the Christian Impact a Church Ought to Have For Common Good of a Community
Listen 8-24-2021

Can a Person Have Jesus As Their Savior and Yet Not Have a Change In Their Lifestyle
Listen 8-23-2021

Biden DOJ Refuses to Protect Pro-Life Nurse Who Was Forced to Participate in Abortion
Listen 8-20-2021

Spiritual Lessons and Implications From the Fall of Afghanistan and the Call to Prayer
Listen 8-19-2021

When Biblical Justifications For Reparations Is Challenged, Pastor Is Categorized With White Supremacy
Listen 8-18-2021

Two Critical Issues on Life and The Life of Pastors
Listen 8-17-2021

Andrew Cuomo's Mea Culpa Falls Short
Listen 8-16-2021

Industry of Abortion; Marketing as Family Friendly While Killing the Viable to Sell Body Parts
Listen 8-13-2021

Now In The United States Christian Worship Is The Object For Violent Attack
Listen 8-12-2021

Progressive Christianity and the Personal Deconstruction of One's Faith in Christ
Listen 8-11-2021

What Is It About Certain Olympics Athletes?
Listen 8-10-2021

The Crisis of A Lack of Law and Order
Listen 8-9-2021

The War On Women Advances At the Olympics
Listen 8-6-2021

House Democrats Speak With One Voice: "Taxpayers Will Fund Abortions"
Listen 8-5-2021

What Went Wrong With The Leadership At Mars Hill Church, and How You Church Can Avoid It
Listen 8-4-2021

Former Planned Parenthood President Makes Clear The True Mission of the Organization
Listen 8-3-2021

Inspector General Report: More Corruption at FBI; Rocked By Illicit Affairs
Listen 8-2-2021

Churches At the Crossroad of Progressive Christianity; Which Way Will They Turn?
Listen 7-30-2021

US Court Rules Church May Fire Music Director Who Entered Same Sex Marriage
Listen 7-29-2021

Will Roe V. Wade Finally Be Overturned? That Is The Request of the State of Mississippi
Listen 7-28-2021

State Gov. Force Ministries To Fill Leadership With Non-Believers, Unanimous Court Shouts NO
Listen 7-27-2021

University Professor Argues Parents To Lose All Veto Power in Children's Gender Transition
Listen 7-26-2021

Legislators Seek To Undermine Business Whose Mission Statement Aligns With National Motto
Listen 7-23-2021

New York Times Heralded Teacher Who Promotes Pornography Literacy
Listen 7-22-2021

New Navy Guidance Promotes Sexual Anarchy While Undermining Military Readiness
Listen 7-21-2021

2020 Census of American Religion; Wake Up Call For the Evangelical Church
Listen 7-20-2021

Raising Up The Next Generation of Men
Listen 7-19-2021

Why Thousands of Teachers Defy State Laws and Pledge to Teach CRT
Listen 7-16-2021

Survey Says!...Most Men Have Fewer Friends...Why?
Listen 7-15-2021

Lightening Round: Four Stories of Why the Light Needs To Shine in Darkness
Listen 7-14-2021

Pastor Tim Stephens; Seeing God's Purpose in Persecution
Listen 7-13-2021

The Barronelle Stutzman Case; Exhibit A, As To Why We Have a First Amendment
Listen 7-12-2021

A Postscript On the Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly - Part 2
Listen 7-9-2021

A Postscript On the Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly - Part 1
Listen 7-8-2021

5 Keys For Personal Evangelism
Listen 7-7-2021

What Does the Future Hold For the Evangelical Church and Denominations?
Listen 7-6-2021

Imago Dei and the Sanctity of Life
Listen 7-5-2021

If You Love Jesus, You Will Love His Bride
Listen 7-1-2021

IRS Denies Organization Tax Exempt Status as Their Biblical Values Align Too Close To GOP
Listen 6-30-2021

House Democrats Propose Retaliatory Move; Taking Away Tax Exempt Status of Catholic Church
Listen 6-29-2021

Biden VA to Pay For Veteran's Transgender Surgery
Listen 6-28-2021

Biden DOJ Fights State Laws That Would Protect Women's Sports
Listen 6-25-2021

SCOTUS With A Victorious Decision For Religious Liberty
Listen 6-24-2021

Pastor Tim Stephens Arrested Over Worship; Yet Police Look Away When Alberta Premier Violates Law
Listen 6-23-2021

Obvious Entrapment on Christian Baker Jack Phillips Over Transgender Cake Issue
Listen 6-22-2021

Pro-Life Catholic Laity Challenge Bishops To Discipline Pro Abortion Catholic Politicians
Listen 6-21-2021

The Enormously Important Job of Being Dad
Listen 6-18-2021

Is It Important For a Church To Be a Part of a Denomination?
Listen 6-17-2021

Pursuing Religious Freedom, Protecting Your Rights and Liberty for the Next Generation
Listen 6-16-2021

224 Democrats Attempt To Eliminate All State Pro Life Laws
Listen 6-15-2021

SCOTUS Passes on the Issue of the Military Draft of Women
Listen 6-14-2021

Sen. Manchin's OP-ED; Swimming Against the Current of Progressivism
Listen 6-11-2021

Is It An Overstatement To Refer To Abortion As Child Sacrifice?
Listen 6-10-2021

Michael Youssef's Views on WOKE Pastors; Biblical Liberalism All Over Again
Listen 6-9-2021

The Immoral Slippery Slope of Human Embryo Research
Listen 6-8-2021

The Developing Drift Toward De-Transitioning
Listen 6-7-2021

A Female Athlete's OP ED Expressing the Unfair Field of Competition Against Biological Males
Listen 6-4-2021

Biden Makes Official His Abandonment of the Hyde Amendment
Listen 6-3-2021

Nancy Pelosi Attempts To Usurp Church Authority When It Comes to Church Discipline
Listen 6-2-2021

Lightening Round and Follow Up, Including Churches Prevail Over Newsome Shutdown
Listen 6-1-2021

Valedictorian Graduation Speech Is Censored As She Wants To Glorify Christ
Listen 5-31-2021

Lightening Round and Follow Up, Including Churches Prevail Over Newsome Shutdown
Listen 5-28-2021

CRU Embraces CRT Over Christian Unity
Listen 5-27-2021

Two Stories of the Polarization and the Heated Moral Divide in America
Listen 5-26-2021

The Biden Administration Giveaway Program and the Disappearance of the American Work Ethic
Listen 5-25-2021

A Biblical Perspective on the Hamas -- Israeli Conflict
Listen 5-24-2021

Baylor University Capitulates; Embraces Conformity With Post Christian Culture
Listen 5-21-2021

SCOTUS...Rules On One Case... Takes Up Another Case... Both Positive News!
Listen 5-20-2021

Silver Lining From the Covid Lockdown: People are Pondering the Meaning of Life
Listen 5-19-2021

Biden Administration Interprets Law in Order to Force Doctors to Perform Transgender Surgery
Listen 5-18-2021

Federal Officials Would Do Well To Let Their Yea Be Yea and Their Nay Be Nay
Listen 5-17-2021

USA Birthrate Falls To Lowest Level in History; What is the Cause and Ramifications
Listen 5-14-2021

The Saddleback Church Nuances the Bible to Justify Cultural Appeasement
Listen 5-13-2021

Archbishop Cordielone Proposes to Ban Pro Abortion Catholics From Communion
Listen 5-12-2021

Biden's Daycare Plan Is Not Healthy For Children, Families, or the Nation
Listen 5-11-2021

A Crossroad For the Church; Progressive Christianity or Biblical Christianity
Listen 5-10-2021

If Arrested for Being Christian; Would There Be Evidence to Convict? Hypothetical Is Reality
Listen 5-07-2021

LA Times Op-Ed Claims Record Gallup Poll of Godlessness is Good News for America
Listen 5-06-2021

Two Christian Colleges; Two Stories of Standing in the Face of the Sexual Revolution
Listen 5-05-2021

Manhattan Falls in Line With Other Cities, Concerning Prosecuting Prostitution
Listen 5-04-2021

Government Education and the LGBTQ Agenda, Regardless of Where You Live; Parents Beware
Listen 5-03-2021

Montana Passes Religious Freedom Restoration Act
Listen 4-30-2021

United Methodist Church Faces Looming Schism Over Biblical Integrity
Listen 4-29-2021

The Cost of Insurance in the Age of Transgenderism
Listen 4-28-2021

Cultural Marxism, How Have We Arrived At This Place?
Listen 4-27-2021

An Inside Look at the UK Debate Regarding the Sexual Revolution and Freedom of Speech and Religion
Listen 4-26-2021

Does the Government Have the Constitutional Authority to Require a Covid Passport?
Listen 4-23-2021

The Repercussions of Egocentric Leadership
Listen 4-22-2021

The Bizarre Perversity of the Sexual Revolution Manifests Itself In New York
Listen 4-21-2021

CA Ramps Up War on Women; Supreme Court Slaps Newsom Once Again; Good For Christian Liberty
Listen 4-20-2021

Judicial Update; Federal Court Upholds Law Banning Abortions Based on Down Syndrome Diagnosis
Listen 4-19-2021

Former Writer for John Piper's Desiring God Renounces His Christian Faith
Listen 4-16-2021

China Intensifies Persecution on the Church; Segments in USA begins to follow Similar Pattern
Listen 4-15-2021

Bible Teacher Beth Moore Apologizes for Supporting the Theology of Male Headship
Listen 4-14-2021

Senator Warnock Promotes Theological Heresy on Resurrection Sunday
Listen 4-13-2021

Arkansas Legislature Overrides Veto; Becomes 1st State to Protect Children From Trans-Surgery Mutilation
Listen 4-12-2021

Eagle Scout Creates Memorial; Atheists Attack the Scout and the Memorial
Listen 4-9-2021

Biden Fails To Speak the Truth Related to New Georgia Election Law
Listen 4-8-2021

Christian Colleges Who Have Taken Federal Funds Being Sued For Holding Biblical Values
Listen 4-7-2021

Why Law Keepers Need To Be Keepers of the Law
Listen 4-6-2021

Membership in Houses of Worship Drops To Lowest Level Since Survey Began
Listen 4-5-2021

Three Days Between the Cross and Resurrection
Listen 4-2-2021

U.S. Court of Appeals Upholds Free Speech and Religious Liberty
Listen 4-1-2021

Christian College Caves; Changes Narrative of Greatest Missionary Account of the 20th Century
Listen 3-31-2021

Governors Need To Stand Tall When Facing Woke Culture
Listen 3-30-2021

USA Today Op Ed Slams Christian University for Being a Christian University
Listen 3-29-2021

The Continuing Challenge to Protect Religious Liberty in North America
Listen 3-26-2021

Sanctity of Life Stories of Interest, Strategy and Inspiration
Listen 3-25-2021

Cambridge, Massachusetts, An Academic Epicenter, Legalizes Polyamory
Listen 3-24-2021

The Unconstitutional, Unbiblical Realities of the Equality Act Begin to Be Revealed
Listen 3-23-2021

Horrific Shootings in Atlanta; Sin Never Makes Sense
Listen 3-22-2021

Canada Passes Law Which Essentially Encourages Putting to Death the Disabled
Listen 3-19-2021

Another Issue On Which President Biden's Claim of Devout Catholocism Becomes Suspect
Listen 3-18-2021

NY Lawmaker Pushes to Overhaul Sex Ed Teaching Sexual Deviation to Five Year Olds
Listen 3-17-2021

Biden Executive Order Requires Taxpayers To Fund Military Sex Reassignment Surgeries
Listen 3-16-2021

Three Bills...Two States...One Glimmer of Hope
Listen 3-15-2021

Congressman Slips Up and Inadvertently Indicts His Heart
Listen 3-12-2021

Evangelicals For Biden Feign Outrage Over What Everyone Knew Was Coming
Listen 3-11-2021

The Controversy Over the J & J Covid-19 Vaccine; How to Make the Right Choice
Listen 3-10-2021

How God Has Used Covid-19 To Reveal the Hideous Propagation of Eugenics
Listen 3-9-2021

A Plea For Biblical Integrity, and Faith In the Public Square
Listen 3-8-2021

Bethany Christian Services State Legislatures and Governors are Pushing Back on Unconstitutional Executive Orders
Listen 3-5-2021

Capitulates to Cultural LGBTQ Demands
Listen 3-4-2021

The Baffling Refusal of SCOTUS Not To Hear Election Cases
Listen 3-3-2021

House Resolution 1; Tyranny at Our Door
Listen 3-2-2021

Why Some Biden Cabinet Nominees Are Getting Major Resistance
Listen 3-1-2021

The Equality Act; Legalizing Sexual Anarchy Under the Guise of Non-Discrimination
Listen 2-26-2021

SC and Tenn. State Legislatures Push Forward Sanctity of Life Laws
Listen 2-25-2021

Bishops Strongly Reprimand President Biden Over Abortion: Don't Call Yourself a Devout Catholic
Listen 2-24-2021

Equity Does Not Mean Equality
Listen 2-23-2021

The Impact of Rush Limbaugh and How the Church Can Learn to Use the Megaphones of Our Day
Listen 2-22-2021

Faithful People Won't Disagree About What the Bible Says About Homosexuality
Listen 2-19-2021

Questioning the Salvation of a Seeming Unrepentant Christian Leader After a Major Moral Fall
Listen 2-18-2021

Catchers and Pitchers Time to Report... Why Some Baseball Greats Not Yet Inducted to the Hall of Fame
Listen 2-17-2021

And Yet Another States Attempt to Force Artist to Participate in a Same Sex Wedding
Listen 2-16-2021

A Moral Battle Surfaces Once Again As Legalized Gambling Is Reintroduced in the State of Alabama
Listen 2-15-2021

Why A Historic Christian Church Is Criticized For Inviting Max Lucado To Preach
Listen 2-12-2021

Supreme Court Pushes Back On dCalifornia's Targeting of Church Worship Services
Listen 2-11-2021

Canadian Survey Says: Influence For Societal Morals Coming From Questionable Sources
Listen 2-10-2021

European Governments Say Restrictions on Religious Freedom Is For the Safety of All
Listen 2-9-2021

Why Big Tech & Liberal Social Media Simply Refuse to Engage in Meaningful Debate
Listen 2-8-2021

The Rules of Family Life Have Changed
Listen 2-5-2021

When A Government Promises You Trading Your Liberty For Security; You Will End Up With Neither
Listen 2-4-2021

NC Lt. Gov. Rightly Compares Abortion to the Terrible Blight of Slavery... Vows He Will Not Keep Silent
Listen 2-3-2021

John MacArthur Gives Dire Warning To The New President; God Will Not Be Mocked
Listen 2-2-2021

Presidential Executive Orders Could End Women's Sports
Listen 2-1-2021

The Double Standard In How the Main Stream Media Treat's The Faith of Our Political Leaders
Listen 1-29-2021

How a Deadly Tornado Can Be A Reminder of God's Common Grace and Redeeming Grace
Listen 1-28-2021

Speaker Pelosi Declares Christian and Catholics Fighting Abortion As The Ruin of Our Democracy
Listen 1-27-2021

A Presidential Call For Unity, Noble Rhetoric, But Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Listen 1-26-2021

Transgenderism Makes It Way Right Into the White House
Listen 1-25-2021

The 48th Anniversary of One of the Most Horrific SCOTUS Opinions in Our Nation's History
Listen 1-22-2021

What Happened to the Moral Fiber of Our Society that Allowed a Diversity of Political Opinion to Coexist?
Listen 1-21-2021

SCOTUS Is Asked... Can Officials Face Consequences When Violating a Person's a Constitutional Rights?
Listen 1-20-2021

Nevada Church Gets Second Opportunity At Supreme Court For Covid Targeting Relief
Listen 1-19-2021

A Politically Motivated Impeachment; Can A President Be Impeached After Leaving Office?
Listen 1-18-2021

New Poll Number Reveal Attitudes Toward Thankfulness and Marriage ... Survey Says!
Listen 1-15-2021

Does the Church Have the Healing Balm For America's Partisan Divide?
Listen 1-14-2021

The Ramification of the Movement of the United States; Geographically, Politically, and Spiritually
Listen 1-13-2021

Short-Sighted House Resolution 8, Ushers In More PC Insanity with Blasphemous Repercussions
Listen 1-12-2021

A Biblical Response To Mayhem at the Capitol
Listen 1-11-2021

Wake Up Call For Parents; Pornography Is Crouching At The Door of Your Children
Listen 1-8-2021

The Rise of Depression and Suicide in the Upcoming Generation
Listen 1-7-2021

A Secular World Attack on Christianity Via A 250 Year Old Work of Art; Handel's "Messiah"
Listen 1-6-2021

Is There a Biblical Roadmap for Revitalization For a Floundering Church?; Embers To a Flame?
Listen 1-5-2021

How Foundational Is Worship For the Church? Is It Just and Optional Element?
Listen 1-4-2021

Putting In Place Biblical Priorities For The New Year
Listen 1-1-2021

A Sobering Reminder For Every Believer; Be Sure And Know Your Sins Will Find You Out
Listen 12-31-2020

Countering the Argument That Public Worship Is Immoral During the Pandemic
Listen 12-30-2020

Successful Inroads As Christian Organizations Take On Pornography
Listen 12-29-2020

Virginia Values Acts... It Values the Sexual Revolution; It Detests Religious Liberty
Listen 12-28-2020

Why Would Shepherds Have Such a Significant Place In The Christmas Story?
Listen 12-25-2020

Is Christmas Just An Excuse For Christians To Participate In a Pagan Holiday
Listen 12-24-2020

Hungary's Parliament Takes a Courageous Stance For the Biblical Definition of Family
Listen 12-23-2020

Trump Administration Withholds Funds From California Over Illegal Abortion Mandate
Listen 12-22-2020

SCOTUS Releases Two Rulings That Are Extremely Supportive For Religious Liberty
Listen 12-21-2020

Is Christian Nationalism Seductive and Dangerous to the Christian Faith?
Listen 12-18-2020

Operation Warp Speed; Now That We Have a Vaccine, How Does the Christian Respond?
Listen 12-17-2020

Fulfillment of Proverbs 29:2 "When righteous rule people rejoice: when wicked rule, people mourn."
Listen 12-16-2020

A Biographical Glance at Christian White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany
Listen 12-15-2020

Sen. Josh Hawley's Overdue Legislation Aimed At the On Line Porn Industry
Listen 12-14-2020

Biden's Pick For HHS Is An Extremist on Abortion
Listen 12-11-2020

Sanity Comes Forth From Britain's High Court; Insanity Doubles Down In America?
Listen 12-10-2020

Good News on the Sanctity of Life Front; Abortion Down 24% Over the Last Decade
Listen 12-9-2020

How the Church Can Overcome Covid Challenges at Christmas?
Listen 12-8-2020

Americans Suffering From Delusional Psychosis Over Covid and Authoritarian Commands
Listen 12-7-2020

How Has America Gotten To a Place of Moral Free Fall?
Listen 12-4-2020

SCOTUS Backs Religious Challenge to Authoritarian Covid Restrictions; But Where Were Evangelicals?
Listen 12-3-2020

New Arkansas Law Likely to Lead the Way to the Re-Litigation of Roe v. Wade
Listen 12-2-2020

The Man Known as Dr. Death to Be a Part of the Biden Administration
Listen 12-1-2020

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Tennessee's Banning of Down Syndrome Abortions
Listen 11-30-2020

Courts Defend The Freedom of Speech and Supports Biblical Counseling
Listen 11-27-2020

A History of An American Thanksgiving
Listen 11-26-2020

Biden Administration's Threat to Religious Freedeom and Christian Education
Listen 11-25-2020

Justice Samuel Alito Warns of Americans Loss of Constitutional Liberty
Listen 11-24-2020

Lightening Round... Election Going to Congress... Coronavirus and Political Hypocrisy
Listen 11-23-2020

Voter Fraud; How Allegation, Evidence, Investigation, Lead To Proof & Conclusion
Listen 11-20-2020

The Call For Unity; What Needs To Happen For Genuine Unity To Take Place
Listen 11-19-2020

Elections Have Consequences On the Sanctity of Life Issue
Listen 11-18-2020

Fulton Vs. City of Philadelphia; A SCOTUS Case Deciding Religious Freedom?
Listen 11-17-2020

Overwhelming Number of Americans Losing Trust in the Electoral System
Listen 11-16-2020

What Would Be The Cultural Ramification of a Biden Administration?; How Should the Believer Respond?
Listen 11-13-2020

What Would a Biden Administration Foreign Policy Look Like?; How Should the Believer Respond?
Listen 11-12-2020

What Would a Biden Administration Domestic Policy Look Like?; How Should the Believer Respond?
Listen 11-11-2020

A Questionable Presidential Election; How Should the Christian Respond?
Listen 11-10-2020

A Shifting Paradigm of Political Parties and Voter Demographics
Listen 11-9-2020

The Disenfranchisement Debate; Is It Time to Reexamine the Electoral Process
Listen 11-6-2020

An Analysis of the November 3rd Election; What can we Learn?
Listen 11-5-2020

SCOTUS: Why Some Justices Change Their Application of Constitutional Law Once Appointed
Listen 11-4-2020

A Biblical Response To the Election Day Outcome
Listen 11-3-2020

The Bobulinski Unexpected October Surprise
Listen 11-02-2020

Deciding a Presidential Vote; Weighing Character Vs. Policy - Part 2
Listen 10-30-2020

Deciding a Presidential Vote; Weighing Character Vs. Policy - Part 1
Listen 10-29-2020

The Sanctity of Life, Church Leadership, and the Debate on When to Speak Out and Endorse
Listen 10-28-2020

Pope Francis' Judgement Call on Homosexual Civil Unions and the Biblical Response
Listen 10-27-2020

A Biblical Analysis of the Final Trump Biden Debate
Listen 10-26-2020

A Call To The Church For Prayer and Fasting for God's Intervention and Mercy For the USA
Listen 10-23-2020

Social Media Giants Migrate From Platforms to Political Players Through Blatant Censorship
Listen 10-22-2020

W.H.O. Actually Comes Down on the Side of the Church; Don't Shut Us Down Again
Listen 10-21-2020

Great Grandparents Denied Gurardianship Because of Christian Values; Judge Intervenes
Listen 10-20-2020

Roman Catholic Priests Take Seriously Sixth Commandment; Warns and Disciplines V.P. Biden
Listen 10-19-2020

A Biblical Perpsective on Evangelicals and Their Presidential Vote
Listen 10-16-2020

An Introduction to Amy Coney Barrett's View of a Constitutional Judiciary
Listen 10-15-2020

Virginia Values Act Forces Christian Ministries: Embrace Government Ideology or Be Punished
Listen 10-14-2020

California Passes Two Bills Which Are Truly a Fulfillment of Romans 1
Listen 10-13-2020

A Christian Worldview Assessment of the Vice Presidential Debate
Listen 10-12-2020

Originalist On The SCOTUS Look For The Ideal Case To Reconsider Obergefell
Listen 10-9-2020

Trump Espouses the Biblical Concept of Not Being Controlled By Your Fears
Listen 10-8-2020

The Proper and Biblical Decorum When a Political Leader's Life is In Danger
Listen 10-7-2020

How the Believer Ought To Approach the Civic Duty of Voting
Listen 10-6-2020

Pew Research: Large Percentage of Christians Say Extramarital Sex is Acceptable
Listen 10-5-2020

A Perspective on the First Presidential Debate... Can the Church Influence Civil Discourse
Listen 10-2-2020

The Politics of Personal Destruction Comes After Amy Coney Barrett
Listen 10-1-2020

Why Those In Power Make Decisions That Appear to Put the Inmates in Charge of the Asylum?
Listen 9-30-2020

Assumptions Which Should Be Discarded & Lessons Learned In the Breonna Taylor Case
Listen 9-29-2020

Everyone Loves Raymond Star Points Out, Not Everyone Loves a Biblical World View
Listen 9-28-2020

A Perspective on Socialism vs a Biblically Saturated Form of Capitalism
Listen 9-25-2020

Tall Order For Those Placing a Constitutional on SCOTUS; Don't Be Ruled By Fear and Intimidation
Listen 9-24-2020

High School Football Players Take the Lead, Remembering the Past & Honoring the Fallen
Listen 9-23-2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg; The Passing of a Supreme Court Justice and Her Untimely Replacement
Listen 9-22-2020

70 Days of Fervent Prayer
Listen 9-21-2020

Netflix Promotes the Illegal Sexualization of Young Children
Listen 9-18-2020

The American Death Culture Reaches New Low As Anarchist Cheer For LA Officers to Die
Listen 9-17-2020

Warning Signs of Gaslighting
Listen 9-16-2020

What Evangelicals Believe...Survey Says!
Listen 9-15-2020

State of Washington Ignores & Challenges Settled Law Concerning Forced Abortion Coverage
Listen 9-14-2020

A Second Chance For Life for Mommies and Babies; Planned Parenthood Emphatically Says NO!
Listen 9-11-2020

Justice Samuel Alito Was Correct, The Bostock Decision Is Having Dire Consequences
Listen 9-10-2020

The Upcoming 2020 Election; A Revealing of the Predominate Worldview of America
Listen 9-9-2020

The Importance of True Public Debate and the Presidency
Listen 9-8-2020

North Valley Baptist Vs. Santa Clara County; A Violation of the 1st Amendment
Listen 9-7-2020

Sexual Revolutions Comes After Young Life...Courts Rule Against the 1st Amendment
Listen 9-4-2020

Covid 19 Post Script; Survey Says One In Five Churches Won't Survive
Listen 9-3-2020

Americans Turning Away From Biblical Christianity, But Not From Religion
Listen 9-2-2020

Learning Life Lessons From, and Honoring Christian Martyr, Sophie Scholl
Listen 9-1-2020

Political Conventions Are World View Expose's
Listen 8-31-2020

Rutherford County Tennessee Schools Make An Unbelievable Demand of Parents
Listen 8-28-2020

Democrats and Their Party Platform Continue to Distance Themselves From God
Listen 8-27-2020

God's Word, Our Only Rule For Faith and Practice; Why Some Versions Leave Out Certain Verses?
Listen 8-26-2020

The Inconsistent Schizophrenic Attitudes of the Cultural Elite Towards the Sanctity of Life
Listen 8-25-2020

Sexual Revolution Tidal Wave Destroys Women's Privacy and Women's Sports in Wake
Listen 8-24-2020

The Hallmark Channel; Once Family Entertainment, Now Embracing the LGBTQ Agenda
Listen 8-21-2020

The Progression of a Congregation Having To Ebrace Civil Disobedience
Listen 8-20-2020

An Examination of the Democrat VP Pick
Listen 8-19-2020

Why Parents Need to Pull Back the Curtain to Know Who Is Educating Their Children
Listen 8-18-2020

The Collapse of the Biblical Definition of Family
Listen 8-17-2020

Monuments, Ebenezers, and Remembrance
Listen 8-14-2020

HR-7608 and Its Provision To Erase History
Listen 8-13-2020

Intolerance For a Christian World and Life Perspective Within USAID
Listen 8-12-2020

2020 Party Platform Overview and Comparison
Listen 8-11-2020

The Danger of Allowing Culture To Interpret Scripture Rather Than Scripture Interpret Culture
Listen 8-10-2020

Revealing Real World and Life Perspectives From The Burning of Bibles to Prayer and Fasting
Listen 8-7-2020

MSNBC Producer Resigns As She Searches For Civil Discourse and Greater Meaning and Truth
Listen 8-6-2020

Alarming Statistics; 23% of Children Under Age 18 Living With One Parent
Listen 8-5-2020

Grace Community Church Defies Governor; Christ, Not The State Is The Head of the Church
Listen 8-4-2020

Joe Biden and Muslims Both Set Aside Principles For Power
Listen 8-3-2020

Supreme Court Rejects Nevada Church's Challenge to Shutdown
Listen 7-30-2020

Americans Self Censoring Themselves, Afraid To Express Political Beliefs
Listen 7-29-2020

What Are Possible Solutions For Government To Address The Mayhem of Anarchy?
Listen 7-28-2020

The Anarchist Now Take Aim At The Church
Listen 7-27-2020

Planned Parenthood Finally Acknowledges Their Racist Mission and Origin
Listen 7-24-2020

University Study Validates That Marriage Truly Is Like a Fine Wine
Listen 7-23-2020

The Sexual Revolution Marches On
Listen 7-22-2020

An Overview of A Senatorial Election in Alabama
Listen 7-21-2020

Even a Moderate Need Not Apply at The New York Times
Listen 7-20-2020

Can Christians Justify Irreconcilable Differences Between Christian Orthodoxy and Sinful Lifestyle?
Listen 7-17-2020

Lifeway Research Poll; What Happens When Christian Leaders Abandon the Faith?
Listen 7-16-2020

Kanye West Shines Spotlight on Racist Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood
Listen 7-15-2020

Supreme Court Clarifies Title VII Ruling; Faith Based Organizations Should Decide Hires
Listen 7-14-2020

Little Sisters Win Over Giant Liberals
Listen 7-13-2020

The Mixed-Up Moral Message Migrating From Those Advocating For the Sexual Revolution
Listen 7-10-2020

The Vacuums of Society Are Filling Up and Results Are Devastating
Listen 7-9-2020

Are the Calls To Avoid Disenfranchisement Actually Creating Disenfranchisement?
Listen 7-8-2020

Could Sharia Law Be Gaining a Foothold, As Calls To Defund Police Increase?
Listen 7-7-2020

Positive Ruling For Christian Schools and Parents From Supreme Court
Listen 7-6-2020

Three Vital Times George Washington said NO
Listen 7-3-2020

The Supreme Court Rules Again for Abortion...Roberts Reasoning is Unconscionable
Listen 7-2-2020

Is Today's "Woke Culture" A Part of Another Great Awakening
Listen 7-1-2020

Idaho Says No To The Transgender Revolution
Listen 6-30-2020

The American Enterprise Institute Poll on Church Attendance in the Aftermath of Covid 19
Listen 6-29-2020

TN Passes Fetal Heartbeat Bill...Dems Demand Males Be Allowed in Female Sports
Listen 6-26-2020

The Dangers of a False Narrative of History and a Short Bio of Teddy Roosevelt
Listen 6-25-2020

Are Christians Getting Swept Into A Secular Worldview
Listen 6-24-2020

Where There is No Guidance, A People Falls, New York Lives Out Proverbs 11:14
Listen 6-23-2020

Over-Zealousness Leads To Apathy and Low Morale In Law Enforcement
Listen 6-22-2020

A Review of the PCA Study Committee Report on Human Sexuality
Listen 6-19-2020

Supreme Court Majority Gives a Landmark Victory to the LGBT Community
Listen 6-18-2020

China Doubles Down Its Persecution On The Church; Trump Responds
Listen 6-17-2020

A Crossroads Moment For Officers of the Law
Listen 6-16-2020

What is Behind the Anarchy, and the Biblical Solution Via a Sovereign God
Listen 6-15-2020

Apparently the Coronavirus Can Only Be Spread At Certain Protests
Listen 6-12-2020

The Goal of Anarchy and Revolution Behind the Call To Shut Down Police Departments
Listen 6-11-2020

The Use... Misuse and Abuse of Title IX
Listen 6-10-2020

The Gospel's Answer For Cities on Death's Door
Listen 6-9-2020

Political Misuse of the Bible
Listen 6-8-2020

Chief Justice Roberts, Swing Vote, Denies the Church 1st Amendment Constitutional Rights
Listen 6-5-2020

The Death of George Floyd; The Act, The Reaction and the Proactive Response of the Church
Listen 6-4-2020

Ivy League Professor Calls Belief in Heaven a Malignant Delusion
Listen 6-3-2020

Ex-CBS News President Acknowledges Liberal Leaning News Bias Past Tipping Point
Listen 6-2-2020

A Review of Justice Clarence Thomas; Created Equal
Listen 6-1-2020

Analyzing Studies of Why Young People Appear To Walk Away From Christ
Listen 5-29-2020

Increasing Awareness of Coronavirus Lockdown Fallout
Listen 5-28-2020

Living Sensibly In The Midst Of Overreaction
Listen 5-27-2020

Planned Parenthood's Financial Deception, and Jane Roe Recants Her Recantation
Listen 5-26-2020

Memorial Day; Remembering Those Who Gave The Last Full Measure
Listen 5-25-2020

How Are World Views Dictating the Reopening of America?
Listen 5-22-2020

Ravi Zacharias, A Life Well Lived
Listen 5-21-2020

Reopening the Church in America Despite Some Authoritarian Resistance
Listen 5-20-2020

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers Concerning The Business of Planned Parenthood
Listen 5-19-2020

Judicial Authoritarianism; When the Judge Becomes the Prosecutor
Listen 5-18-2020

New York City Officials Reject Both The Words and the Deeds of the Gospel
Listen 5-15-2020

The Not-So-Much Deep State... Corruption At The Top
Listen 5-14-2020

Should the Number of Members of the House of Representatives Be Increased?
Listen 5-13-2020

How the Life of William Penn Ought To Influence the Little Sisters of the Poor Supreme Court Case
Listen 5-12-2020

One Woman's Bold Stance In The Face of Authoritarianism
Listen 5-11-2020

Modest Victories in the Battle of the Sexual Revolution
Listen 5-8-2020

Pressures From Covid 19 Reveal Societal Stress Fractures
Listen 5-7-2020

Marriages in USA Are the Lowest In Number Since 1867; Why?
Listen 5-6-2020

High Tech Corporate Censorship Means Loss of Liberty and An End To Thoughtful Debate
Listen 5-5-2020

How The Coronavirus is Revealing Abusive Governmental Authoritarianism
Listen 5-4-2020

Can The God of Technology Solve Life's Ultimate Challenge?
Listen 5-1-2020

Should Churches Apply For the Paycheck Protection Program?
Listen 4-30-2020

A Behind the Scene Look at the Effective Ministries the Lord Has Opened For Harry Reeder
Listen 4-29-2020

A Response To An Unfair Assessment of a Contemporary Leader in Christ's Church
Listen 4-28-2020

How The Cannabis Industry Is Abusing A Crisis To Further Their Own Interests
Listen 4-27-2020

Homeschooling's Overnight Enlargement, Why Are Some Wanting To Shut It Down?
Listen 4-24-2020

Trump's Immigration Executive Order; Xenophobia or Legal Comman Sense?
Listen 4-23-2020

When Overzealous Bureaucrats Use The Coronavirus to Target the Church
Listen 4-22-2020

Two Instances of Blatant Capitulation Demands From the Sexual Revolution
Listen 4-21-2020

China and WHO Attempts To Hide The Truth... New York Legalizes Commercial Surrogacy
Listen 4-20-2020

What Ought To Be The First Response of the Church When Confronted with Crisis
Listen 4-17-2020

Coronavirus Edicts; Have Segments of the Government Taken It Too Far?
Listen 4-16-2020

Coronavirus and the Second Coming of Jesus
Listen 4-15-2020

Attorney General William Barr Addresses the Religious Liberty Issue During Coronavirus
Listen 4-14-2020

Bernie Sanders Drops Out; Can He Still Claim Victory
Listen 4-13-2020

Coronavirus: How the Church Might Reprioritize What Is Really Important
Listen 4-10-2020

Coronavirus: How Culture Might Reprioritize What Is Really Important
Listen 4-9-2020

How The Underlying Condition of Our Lives, Businesses, and Hearts Are a Matter of Life and Death
Listen 4-8-2020

Silver Lining of the Coronavirus, Some Are Turning to the Scriptures For Answers
Listen 4-7-2020

As Samaritan's Purse Runs into The Danger To Help Others, They Are Vilified For Biblical Stance
Listen 4-6-2020

Government Officials Come To Loggerheads Over Abortion As An Essential
Listen 4-3-2020

The Christian, The Church & The First Amendment in the Midst of a Temporary Crisis
Listen 4-2-2020

The Transgender Debate, Are Governments Legislating Morality?
Listen 4-1-2020

Theistic Evolution; Was The Coronavirus Built Into the Creation
Listen 3-31-2020

The Cure Should Not Be Worse Than The Disease
Listen 3-30-2020

Shelter In Place Orders...So What Is Essential?
Listen 3-27-2020

Coronavirus, Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste; A Christian Perspective
Listen 3-26-2020

Yoga; Exercise or Religion, Should It Be In Our Schools?
Listen 3-25-2020

Rise of Hope, Sensibility in the Midst of the Sexual Revolution
Listen 3-24-2020

Lessons From History; How the Gospel Message Exploded In The Time of the Plagues
Listen 3-23-2020

The Corona Virus; Using a Crisis To Carry Out Our Great Commission
Listen 3-20-2020

How Does the Christian Navigate the Issues Surrounding the Coronavirus?
Listen 3-19-2020

I Still Believe; Jon and Andy Erwin's Newest Motion Picture
Listen 3-18-2020

Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out
Listen 3-17-2020

An Update on the Democrat Primaries and a Look Toward the 2020 General Election
Listen 3-16-2020

VA Outlaws Conversion Therapy & Countering the Abortion False Narrative; "Between a Woman & Her Doctor"
Listen 3-13-2020

Can Evangelicals Overlook Sinful Perspectives For The Sake of Evangelism?
Listen 3-12-2020

The Madness of Trans-Gendering is Coming Home To Roost
Listen 3-11-2020

Standing Firm Against the Freedom From Religion Foundation Agenda
Listen 3-10-2020

The Dangerous Inciting of Violence From One Branch of Government to Another
Listen 3-9-2020

A Biblical Analysis of the Death of Despair; Suicide
Listen 3-6-2020

Coronavirus...Prayer...and A Mocking Media
Listen 3-5-2020

A Biblical Analysis of David Brook's Essay: "Was the Nuclear Family a Mistake?"
Listen 3-4-2020

Super Tuesday and the True Core of the Democrat Party
Listen 3-3-2020

Considering Alabama's Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act
Listen 3-2-2020

Collateral Damage Caused By Society's Cavilier Attitude Toward Sexual Deviancy
Listen 2-28-2020

Trump's Flipping of the 9th Circuit Court Leads To Win For The Sanctity of Life
Listen 2-27-2020

The Continued Aggressive Onslaught On Christian Schools
Listen 2-26-2020

How the LGBTQ Movement Painted Itself Into a Corner
Listen 2-25-2020

Hopeful Overtures For the Sanctity of Life
Listen 2-24-2020

Another Step Down in the Cultural Deevolution; The Legalization of Polygamy
Listen 2-21-2020

What Journalistic World View Is Influencing You?
Listen 2-20-2020

The Astonishing, Confusing, Duplicitous, Church of England Apology On Their Own Sexuality Statement
Listen 2-19-2020

An Admonition To the President To Follow Matthew 5; Love Our Enemies
Listen 2-18-2020

A Biblical Perspective on Primaries, Polling, and People's Preferences
Listen 2-17-2020

UK Proclaims That The Billy Graham Association Is No Longer Welcome
Listen 2-14-2020

It Is Now Illegal In Switzerland To Say Anything Negative About Homosexual Marriage
Listen 2-13-2020

President Trump Applies Proverbs 20:12 To State of the Union Address
Listen 2-12-2020

Did the Lack of Decorum at State of the Union Actually Break the Law?
Listen 2-11-2020

Trump Acquittal, What Is Next?
Listen 2-10-2020

How Should the Church Respond To Spiritual, Cultural and Physical Crisis?
Listen 2-7-2020

An Overview of the State of the Union Speech From a Biblical Perspective
Listen 2-6-2020

Church Jettisons Members For a More Desirable Demographic
Listen 2-5-2020

Sexual Revolutionaries Demand Christian Sports Legend be Erased From History
Listen 2-4-2020

A 16 Year Old's Crusade To Move the Big Game
Listen 2-3-2020

Supreme Court Opinions Support Sound Immigration while Admonishing Lower Courts
Listen 1-31-2020

Presidential Candidate Essentially Admits...No Room For Pro-Lifes in Democrat Party
Listen 1-30-2020

What Happens When Newspaper Places Cultural Hysteria Ahead of Biological Truth
Listen 1-29-2020

U.S. Supreme Court Hears School Choice Case With Major Implications
Listen 1-28-2020

New Polls Indicate More Americans Embracing Pro-Life
Listen 1-27-2020

Counteracting the Latest Pro-Abortion Narrative
Listen 1-24-2020

Mayor Pete's Inconsistent, Illogical, Religious, Rational to Justify Abortion
Listen 1-23-2020

Changes to ACA Billing Protects Conscience Over Abortion
Listen 1-22-2020

Do You Own Your iPhone or Does Your iPhone Own You?
Listen 1-21-2020

The Houston Astro's Scandal; A Lesson on Life and Character
Listen 1-20-2020

Setting Aside a Sunday to Promote Life
Listen 1-17-2020

A Biblical Blueprint For Church Growth Via Church Health
Listen 1-16-2020

The Biggest Drop in Religiosity Between Generations Ever Recorded
Listen 1-15-2020

Harry Reeder; Students Sues Seminary After Expulsion For Violation of Student Standards
Listen 1-14-2020

Personal Reflections on the Loss of Loved Ones, A Life Well Lived
Listen 1-13-2020

Witnessing the Birth Pangs of a Biblical Methodist Denomination
Listen 1-10-2020

Was There Justification For the Elimination of Gen. Sulemani?
Listen 1-9-2020

When Should a Local Church Leave a Denomination Over Theological Liberalism?
Listen 1-8-2020

A Biblical Approach To Combat Homelessness
Listen 1-7-2020

How Should the Church Respond When Lethal Hate Crimes Come Into the Sanctuary?
Listen 1-6-2020

The Consequences When a Progressive Steps Out Of Line In the Midst of the Sexual Revolution
Listen 1-3-2020

2019 Top Biblical Worldview News Stories
Listen 1-2-2020

Personal Reprioritizing For Christian Growth in 2020
Listen 1-1-2020

How the 2019 Person and Words of the Year Mirror the Culture
Listen 12-31-2019

Why the Christianity Today Editorial on Trump Is a Sad Reflection of Evangelicalism
Listen 12-30-2019

The Incredulity of Laws Surrounding the Sanctity of Life
Listen 12-27-2019

Obama on Leadership; What He Got Correct and What He Got Wrong
Listen 12-26-2019

Why Christmas Gift Giving Needs To Be Attached to the Gospel
Listen 12-25-2019

The Meaning Behind the Signs and Symbols of Christmas
Listen 12-24-2019

Impeachment 2019; Founding Fathers Never Intended This
Listen 12-23-2019

The Hallmark Channel Gives Into LGBTQ Christmas Movie Demands
Listen 12-20-2019

Britain's Utter Rejection of Socialist Politicians... Is The USA Taking Notice?
Listen 12-19-2019

A Pro-Life Profile In Courage
Listen 12-18-2019

The Dangerous Misuse of Impeachment; How do we respond when we are wrongly accused
Listen 12-17-2019

Horowitz Before Sen. Judiciary...Proverbs 18:17 First To Speak Seems Right, Until Someone Cross-Examines
Listen 12-16-2019

Supreme Court Allows Kentucky Pro Life Law To Stand and Mikey Weinstein Is At It Again
Listen 12-13-2019

The Fairness For All Act Is Not Fair At All
Listen 12-12-2019

Elizabeth Warren Vows To Eliminate Electoral College; Why It Should Never Happen
Listen 12-11-2019

Democrat Presidential Race... One Drops In... One Drops Out
Listen 12-10-2019

Legal Scholars Give Judiciary...Instruction or Propaganda?...On Impeachment?
Listen 12-9-2019

Progressives Promoting Religion To Propagate Political Policies
Listen 12-6-2019

Legislators Taking a Biblical Stance Against Transgender Child Abuse Surgery
Listen 12-5-2019

Even After Sex Change Physical Mutilation... Faith In God Leads To Restoration
Listen 12-4-2019

Secular Philosopher Pronounces The Greatest Threat To The World
Listen 12-3-2019

Mayor Pete Gives Pronouncement Concerning the Reliability of the Scriptures
Listen 12-2-2019

The REAL War On Women And It Is Simply Evil
Listen 11-29-2019

A History of An American Thanksgiving
Listen 11-28-2019

In An Age of Moral Relativism Truth Is Harder To Determine
Listen 11-27-2019

Biblical Manual For Fighting Spiritual Warfare
Listen 11-26-2019

A Chick-fil-a Follow-up... Can Capitulation to the LGBTQ Agenda Be Reversed
Listen 11-25-2019

No Negotiation, Abortion is Absolute For Democratic Attorneys General Endorsement
Listen 11-22-2019

Of All The Bad Press Chick-Fil-A Has Garnered In The Past.. This Might Be The Worst
Listen 11-21-2019

Misinformed Pop Star Tries To Take Down a 120 Year Benevolent Christmas Ministry
Listen 11-20-2019

Enough is Enough; Modern Worship Movement Is Utterly Dangerous
Listen 11-19-2019

Multiple Evidences That The LGBTQ Agenda Is Aiming For The Children
Listen 11-18-2019

A Euology To The Godfather of Intelligent Design
Listen 11-15-2019

Three Fallen Victims of the Secular Sexual Revolution
Listen 11-14-2019

How Hate Speech Legislation Would Cancel the First Amendment
Listen 11-13-2019

Another Positive Court Outcome For Free Speech and Religious Liberty
Listen 11-12-2019

School District's Blatant Deceit To Promote LGBTQ Agenda
Listen 11-11-2019

The Third Reich Is Gone But the Lethal Cruelty of Eugenics Lives On
Listen 11-8-2019

HHS Puts Faith Based Foster Care & Adoption Agencies On Safer Ground
Listen 11-7-2019

A Purported Evangelical Conference Designed to Deconstruct Your Christian Faith
Listen 11-6-2019

A Purported Evangelical Conference Designed to Deconstruct Your Christian Faith
Listen 11-5-2019

Is the True Church Truly Shrinking?
Listen 11-4-2019

WO PO Headline Refuses To Call Evil By Its Name
Listen 11-1-2019

Remembering a Saint For All Saints Day; Lady Jane Grey
Listen 10-31-2019

Pew Report Shows USA Becoming Explicitly Less Christian; Why?
Listen 10-30-2019

Why China Destroyed a Church Building During a Worship Service
Listen 10-29-2019

The World of Sexual Anarchy and Its Bizarre and Fatal Consequences
Listen 10-28-2019

6th Circuit Panel Removes Life Protection for Down Syndrome Individuals... Appeal On The Way
Listen 10-25-2019

The Harsh Hurtful and Very Real Consequences of the Transgender Movement
Listen 10-24-2019

A.G. William Barr Lays Out the Details of Today's Religion of Secularism
Listen 10-23-2019

Strategic Atheist Ad Placement in the Democrat Presidential Debate
Listen 10-22-2019

Democrat Presidential Candidates Push Their Agenda, But They Can't Call It By Name
Listen 10-21-2019

NBA Putting Dollars Over Freedom... Just Do The Next Right Thing
Listen 10-18-2019

Beto O'Rourke's Pronouncement That Would Be a Dark Day For Liberty
Listen 10-17-2019

Federal Judge Rules In Favor of Christian Counselor; Is This a Sign of Rulings to Come?
Listen 10-16-2019

Three Key Cases Before the Supreme Court
Listen 10-15-2019

Is Standing By the Kurds Truly a Military Police Action?
Listen 10-14-2019

A Biblical Perspective On Kindness and Civility
Listen 10-11-2019

How the Democrats Are Attempting to Corner Some of the Christian Vote
Listen 10-10-2019

How and Why Our Founding Fathers Included the Impeachment Process
Listen 10-9-2019

Turning Metro Areas Into Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn
Listen 10-8-2019

A Most Amazing Display of Christian Grace and Compassion
Listen 10-7-2019

Christians Willing To Lay Their Lives Down In Iran and Church Is Growing Exponentially
Listen 10-4-2019

The Religion of the People's Republic of China
Listen 10-3-2019

Living Under Fear; #NoFutureChildren Movement
Listen 10-2-2019

Revisiting Religious Freedom on College Campuses, Partial Victory For InterVarsity
Listen 10-1-2019

1st Amendment Ruling Affirms Religious Liberty
Listen 9-30-2019

Lightning Round...The Ramifications of Sexual Deviancy
Listen 9-27-2019

A Call To Protect and Minister to the Vulnerable
Listen 9-26-2019

Dr. Places Medical Transgender Solutions with Barbaric Experimental Practice of Lobotomies
Listen 9-25-2019

Pantheism Is Alive and Well At Union Seminary. What Do You Confess To Your Plants?
Listen 9-24-2019

3 Sad Examples of the Blatant, Callous, Societal Indifference Toward Life
Listen 9-23-2019

The Cultural Revolution in Full Throttle By Student & Staff on College Campuses
Listen 9-20-2019

The Weaponization of Journalism Aims Again At Kavanaugh
Listen 9-19-2019

Harry's Front Burner Issues When It Comes To Preaching the Word
Listen 9-18-2019

Pro Life Nurses Need Not Apply
Listen 9-17-2019

Canadian Socialist Healthcare Ultimately Ends the Life of 41 Year Old
Listen 9-16-2019

Two Football Greats Take A Stand For Christ; If They Get Push Back, So Will You!
Listen 9-13-2019

The Theologian of the Left Using Religious Theme to Further Agenda
Listen 9-12-2019

The Largest Religious Group in the Democrat Party is No Group At All
Listen 9-11-2019

Why Christians Need a "Theology of Getting Fired"
Listen 9-10-2019

Trump's Foreign Policy Priority: Religous Freedom
Listen 9-9-2019

Massive Scientific Research Project Affirms There Is No Gay Gene
Listen 9-6-2019

A Biblical Perspective and Solutions To Address Mass Shootings and Hate Crimes
Listen 9-5-2019

The Breakneck Speed At Which the Unthinkable Became the Unquestionable
Listen 9-4-2019

The Stark Inconsistencies of Pro Abortion Advocates
Listen 9-3-2019

Championship Coach Dabo Swinney, A Man With a Purpose
Listen 9-2-2019

Darwinism; A Statistically Dead Loss
Listen 8-30-2019

The Impactful Witness When Christians Follow Christ Regardless of the Cost
Listen 8-29-2019

Sailing in the Wake of the Apostles John and Paul
Listen 8-28-2019

How To Keep Teenagers Pure in a Post Purity Culture?
Listen 8-27-2019

Illinois Public Education Rewrites American History to Elevate LGBTQ
Listen 8-26-2019

Impacting the Culture Through Film: Overcomer
Listen 8-23-2019

Is Genesis History?
Listen 8-22-2019

Christian Reality TV Star... Why It Is Vital to Live What We Say We Believe
Listen 8-21-2019

Protestors to Government..."Just Do Something!" Be Careful What You Ask For
Listen 8-20-2019

Immigration and "Public Charge"... Is It a Callous or a Biblical Concept?
Listen 8-19-2019

California Public School Ethnic Studies Pushes the Limits of Progressive Indoctrination
Listen 8-16-2019

Jeffrey Epstein; It Is Appointed Unto Man Once to Die, and Then the Judgement
Listen 8-15-2019

How To Respond When a Christian Leader Walks Away From the Faith
Listen 8-14-2019

V.P. Mike Pence's Lesson on Christian Harassment
Listen 8-13-2019

The Common Denominator in Mass Shootings and the Biblical Solution
Listen 8-12-2019

Mixed Messages of Sexual Anarchy In the Church
Listen 8-9-2019

How Then Should We Share The Gospel in a Post Christian Culture?
Listen 8-8-2019

The Reality of a World That Wants To Scrub Away Any Mention of Christianity
Listen 8-7-2019

Ratcheting Down To the Next Level of Deviancy; Ethical Polyamory
Listen 8-6-2019

A Father's Representation of the Heavenly Father; I've Got You!
Listen 8-5-2019

The Importance of Maintaining the Administrative and Moral Support For Police Officers
Listen 8-2-2019

The Biblical Clarification for Capital Punishment
Listen 8-1-2019

Science Surrendering To The Political Correctness of Gender-Nonbinary
Listen 7-31-2019

School Choice, A Bi-Partisan Embrace By Parents; Total Rejection By NEA
Listen 7-30-2019

The Mueller Report: What Is Truth?
Listen 7-29-2019

U.S. State Department Takes On International Religious Persecution
Listen 7-26-2019

Clickbait Journalism; Attacking Role Models Because of Their Christian Faith
Listen 7-25-2019

Universities Forcing Campus Ministries to Accept Unbelievers to Leadership Positions
Listen 7-24-2019

The Catastrophic Consequences If The Equality Act Were To Become Law
Listen 7-23-2019

Planned Parenthood Reveals Its True Mission As They Remove Their President
Listen 7-22-2019

The Boy Crisis Residing Where Dads Do Not Reside
Listen 7-19-2019

President Trumps Legacy Which Will Benefit Biblical Principles Long After He Is Gone
Listen 7-18-2019

The Entertainment Media's Influence on America and the Family; How Parents Should Respond?
Listen 7-17-2019

The Gay But Celibate Movement vs. the Nashville Statement
Listen 7-16-2019

China's Persecution of What It Considers Its Biggest Rival
Listen 7-15-2019

A Biblical Perspective On Euthanasia and Suicide
Listen 7-12-2019

Supreme Court To Hear Oral Arguments That Could Greatly Expand School Choice
Listen 7-11-2019

What the Church Growth Movement Considers Worthless Could Be An Incredible Assets
Listen 7-10-2019

A Fool's Errand; Democrats Desire Christian Vote Yet Ignore Biblical Worldview
Listen 7-9-2019

Five Supreme Court Decisions and Their Ramifications
Listen 7-8-2019

An Overview of the Democrat Presidential Debates Through the Lens of a Biblical Worldview
Listen 7-5-2019

Liberty Without Law; the Death of a Nation
Listen 7-4-2019

The Confusing, Contradictory, Verbiage Used Concerning the Unborn
Listen 7-3-2019

State's Firm and Very Diverse Stance on Sanctity of Life
Listen 7-2-2019

National Guard Commander's Blatant Prejudice Against Christian Scouting
Listen 7-1-2019

How Honoroing the Sanctity of Life Brings About Medical Advancements?
Listen 6-28-2019

The US Supreme Court Rules That The Peace Cross Can Remain; But Is This A Religious Freedom Victory?
Listen 6-27-2019

Technology...Fatalities...and Self Control
Listen 6-26-2019

Presbyterian Church in Canada at the Crossroads of Choosing Their Magisterium
Listen 6-25-2019

The Pro Life Battle and the Common Grace Importance of Just Scales
Listen 6-24-2019

SCOTUS's Religious Freedom Case, Is It A Victory or a Punt?
Listen 6-21-2019

SCOTUS's Religious Freedom Case, Is It A Victory or a Punt?
Listen 6-21-2019

2 Million Protest in Hong Kong As They "Sing Hallelujah To The Lord"
Listen 6-20-2019

How Should Christians Respond To LGBTQ Pride Month?
Listen 6-19-2019

Planned Parenthood's Whopper and What Will Actually Happen If Roe V. Wade Is Overturned
Listen 6-18-2019

Journalistic Euphemisms Try To Soften the Horrors of Abortion
Listen 6-17-2019

The Freedom From Religion Foundation Reveals Just How Religious They Really Are
Listen 6-14-2019

Why the Major Evangelical Denominations Are Shrinking
Listen 6-13-2019

California Governor Proclaims State Embraces Abortion
Listen 6-12-2019

The Tiananmen Square Massacre 30 Years Later and God's Rest of the Story
Listen 6-11-2019

Democrat Candidates Renounce Past Records To Appease Progressives
Listen 6-10-2019

So Called Happiness Expert Says Single Women Are Happier; What Does the Bible Say?
Listen 6-7-2019

Apparently Hollywood's Convictions are Dependent On the Financial Outcomes
Listen 6-6-2019

Supreme Court, 2 Life Rulings, 1 Victory and 1 Delay
Listen 6-5-2019

A Missing Component of the State Pro-Life Heartbeat Bills
Listen 6-4-2019

The High, High Cost of Sexual Autonomy
Listen 6-3-2019

The American Church, How Is It Increasingly Becoming Less Salty?
Listen 5-31-2019

Alabama Public Television Chooses Integrity and Responsibility over Sexual Political Correctness
Listen 5-30-2019

While American Progressives Embrace Socialism; Sweden Is Abandoning It
Listen 5-29-2019

Ontario Court Rules Doctors Must Participate in Abortions and Euthanasia
Listen 5-28-2019

How Kirsten Gillibrand Is Vowing Not To Upload and Defend the Constitution If Elected
Listen 5-27-2019

Dem Presidential Candidate Makes a Theological Statement Supporting Abortion
Listen 5-24-2019

House Passes Blatant Pro LGBT Equality Act... What Happens Next?
Listen 5-23-2019

3 News Stories and Their Indictment on Media and Academia
Listen 5-22-2019

Mainline Pastor Disagrees with Bible, Therefore Claims Bible Must Be Wrong
Listen 5-21-2019

How State Law Will Likely Cause a Supreme Court Reconsideration of Roe v. Wade
Listen 5-20-2019

Christians Beware, Evolutionary Theory is Not Compatible With Your Faith
Listen 5-17-2019

One of the Nation's Oldest Law Schools, Eliminates Due Process From Its Jurisprudence
Listen 5-16-2019

Sexual Predators and Safe Ministries
Listen 5-15-2019

Parental Rights Curtailed
Listen 5-14-2019

Humans Declared Non-Human
Listen 5-13-2019

The Significant, Sacred, Sound of a Simple Heartbeat
Listen 5-10-2019

Trump Administration Guarantees and Strengthens Moral and Religious Conscience Protections
Listen 5-9-2019

Judge Takes Away Father's Parental Rights Because He Insists His Daughter Is a Female
Listen 5-8-2019

Demanding Racial Parity in School Discipline Is a Formula for Failure
Listen 5-7-2019

A Pro-Life, Pro-Death Debate on the Floor of the AL State Legislature
Listen 5-6-2019

Sailing the Aegean Sea With Harry and Following the Travels of Paul
Listen 5-3-2019

The UMC Judicial Council Upholds Biblical Doctrines...How Will Congregations Respond?
Listen 5-2-2019

Gallup Poll, Church Membership Is Down, Is This Necessarily Bad News?
Listen 5-1-2019

The Deadly, Unjust, Consequences as a Result of the New York, Reproductive Health Act
Listen 4-30-2019

The Unlikely, Unnamed, Unsung Hero in the Battle For Life
Listen 4-29-2019

"The Shack"... Is Poor Theology Justifiable
Listen 4-26-2019

The Ever Increasing Persecution of Christ's Church as Evidenced in Sri Lanka
Listen 4-25-2019

Mueller's Investigation and Report, Is It Time to End the Special Prosecutor?
Listen 4-24-2019

San Antonio Vs. Chick-Fil-A Update... and ... Study Speculates Consciousness After Death
Listen 4-23-2019

When Mayor Buttigieg Attacks V.P. Mike Pence, Who, or What Is Really Attacking?
Listen 4-22-2019

Two Examples of How Ignoring Truth Leads to Destructive Accusations and Ultimately the Loss of Liberty
Listen 4-19-2019

Lessons From the Fire, the Destruction and the History of the Notre Dame Cathedral
Listen 4-18-2019

More Evidence of Pro Life Hope, Yet An Ever Increasing Partisan Divide
Listen 4-17-2019

Is The Pulpit an Appropriate Place for Social Justice Warriors?
Listen 4-16-2019

The Netanyahu Victory; What Does This Tell Us About the Two State Solution and Biblical Prophecy?
Listen 4-15-2019

How Atheism Became the Largest Religion in the U.S.; What is the Solution?
Listen 4-12-2019

How A NCAA Championship Game Is Being Used As A Venue For Christ
Listen 4-11-2019

3 Vital Issues of Which Many Pastors Remain Silent
Listen 4-10-2019

Is God Still Dispensing Divine Revelation? Apparently the Mormons Think So
Listen 4-9-2019

Mike Pompeo, For Such a Time as This
Listen 4-8-2019

Arrogant Hollywood and Their Attack on Pro Life Legislation
Listen 4-5-2019

Unplanned, The Movie, An Instrument for Life
Listen 4-4-2019

Abortion Returns USA Back To a House Divided
Listen 4-3-2019

The LGBTQ Agenda Being Pushed In Public Schools and How Parents Can Take Evasive Action
Listen 4-2-2019

Christian College Surrenders to the Secular Revolution
Listen 4-1-2019

Chicken Sandwiches, Airports, Colleges, and the 1st Amendment
Listen 3-29-2019

The Mueller Report, Where Do We Go From Here? 7 Takeaways
Listen 3-28-2019

The Ever Creeping Transgender Agenda is Getting Support From Public Institutions: Parents Beware!
Listen 3-27-2019

The 2013 Prophecy of Kermit Gosnell is Coming to Pass
Listen 3-26-2019

The Great and Powerful Christian Influence Dads Have On Their Children
Listen 3-25-2019

Google's New Policy, No Promotion for Biblical Teaching That Might Offend LGBTQ
Listen 3-22-2019

Starkness of Where We Are As a Society on the Issue of Abortion
Listen 3-21-2019

Poor Journalism Ridicules Abstinence Ed; Promotes Progressive Sex Ed
Listen 3-20-2019

Why Being Pro Death Penalty Is Consistent With Being Pro Life
Listen 3-19-2019

A Biblical Perspective on Why Parents Would Pay a Bribe to Admit Their Kids Into Elite Colleges?
Listen 3-18-2019

The Coming of the Age of Maturity and the Removal of Parental Wisdom
Listen 3-15-2019

More Government Bureaucrats Attempt To Whittle Away 1st Amendment Religious Freedoms
Listen 3-14-2019

Secularist Want to Discriminate Against Church; Yet Want Special Protections For Atheists and Agnostics
Listen 3-13-2019

Fantastic Legal and Medical Advancements For the Baby in the Womb
Listen 3-12-2019

Jack Phillips and Religious Liberty Revisited and Should Women Be in Combat?
Listen 3-11-2019

The Post Script of the United Methodist Church Vote, How Did It Happen and What Next?
Listen 3-8-2019

The Sovereignty of God and the Gospel of Grace in the Midst of the Storm in Lee County, Al.
Listen 3-7-2019

Will the "T" Be Removed from the LGBT Movement?
Listen 3-6-2019

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments Concerning Christian Symbol on Public Land
Listen 3-5-2019

Biblical Values Prevail With a Surprise Vote in The United Methodist Church; Is a Split on Its Way?
Listen 3-4-2019

Survey Says the World Is More Pro Life Than the Church Is... Really?
Listen 3-1-2019

Why the U.S. Senate Failed To Pass the Born Alive Abortion Survivors
Listen 2-28-2019

One Nation Attempts To Shut Off Internet Pornography; Could It Happen Here?
Listen 2-27-2019

Christian College Org. Gives In To LGBT Compromise
Listen 2-26-2019

An Unjust CA Law Which Harmed Pro Life Centers is Overturned
Listen 2-25-2019

A Biblical Perspective on Capitalism vs. Socialism
Listen 2-22-2019

A Proverbial Declaration on the Jussie Smollett Story
Listen 2-21-2019

Should We Ever Put a Price Tag on Raising a Child?
Listen 2-20-2019

Could Public Schools Teaching the Bible Be a Good Thing? ... How It Might Work Well
Listen 2-19-2019

The World View of the Green New Deal... Not New and Not Much of a Deal
Listen 2-18-2019

Living in Exile, The Ten Most Dangerous Countries for Christians to Reside
Listen 2-15-2019

The Biblical Solution To Overcome the Dead-end of Identity Politics
Listen 2-14-2019

The Need To Attack Christian Education in Order to Propagate Secular Humanism
Listen 2-13-2019

A Secular Humanist Uses the Outcry Against Bigotry to Attack Biblical Values
Listen 2-12-2019

The Positive and Negative of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
Listen 2-11-2019

The Positive and Negative of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
Listen 2-8-2019

Two Immoral Political Stories, Yet Only One Receives Appropriate Moral Outcry
Listen 2-7-2019

How Does the Church Respond to the Issues of Infanticide?
Listen 2-6-2019

Is There An Ulterior Motive Behind the Onslaught of Infanticide Legislation?
Listen 2-5-2019

VA Repeat Act is an Act to Repeal the Life of a Human Being
Listen 2-4-2019

The Not So Secret... Secret... of Leaving and Cleaving... 50 Years of Knowledge
Listen 2-1-2019

The National Fault Lines Between the Cultures of Life and Death
Listen 1-31-2019

Demonic Legislation Entitled The Reproductive Health Act
Listen 1-30-2019

Media Bias Pushing Their Agenda, and How To Overcome It
Listen 1-29-2019

Broad Federal Issues That Have Narrow Personal Consequences
Listen 1-28-2019

Lightening Round... Another Great Flood...Here I Stand...School Choice
Listen 1-25-2019

Media's Obvious Support of Planned Parenthood's Death Culture
Listen 1-24-2019

Gallup Poll on the Most Trusted Occupations; Not Good News For Clergy... Why?
Listen 1-23-2019

Savage Wolves of Acts 20:29 Decimating Methodist Colleges
Listen 1-22-2019

Cultural Elite Feign Horror Over the Embracing of Biblical Values
Listen 1-21-2019

The Destructive Dangers of Pornography To Our Children and How You can Intervene
Listen 1-18-2019

Congress Reprimands One of Their Own Over Racially Disturbing Comments
Listen 1-17-2019

American Psychological Association Reports That Traditional Masculinity Is Harmful
Listen 1-16-2019

Democrat Congresswoman Takes Democrat Senators To Woodshed Over Religious Bigotry
Listen 1-15-2019

Biblical Principles For Revitalizing Churches
Listen 1-14-2019

A Biblical Analysis of the National Security Border Debate
Listen 1-11-2019

A National Championship and Lessons in Defeat and Lessons in Victory
Listen 1-10-2019

A Plethora of Teen Depression... Why?
Listen 1-9-2019

The Slippery Slope of Embracing Immorality
Listen 1-8-2019

Deadly Flu, Unsound Televangelist and Dangerous Doctrine
Listen 1-7-2019

Christian Adoption Agency Faces Criminalization For Doing What Was Once Celebrated
Listen 1-4-2019

Science and History Again Catches Up With Bible Scholars
Listen 1-3-2019

Gallup, Americans Say No. 1 Problem... Survey Says...
Listen 1-2-2019

Resetting Life Priorities for a New Year
Listen 1-1-2019

New Study Says American's Life Expectancy is Actually Decreasing; WHY?
Listen 12-31-2018

The Most On-Line Searched Word in 2018, Might Be One of the Most Important Words For Your Life
Listen 12-28-2018

Having To Face the Sin of Nazi War Crimes From 75 Years Ago
Listen 12-27-2018

The Carols of Christmas... Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
Listen 12-26-2018

The Carols of Christmas... Silent Night
Listen 12-25-2018

The Carols of Christmas... Joy to the World
Listen 12-24-2018

The Biblical Solution For Feelings of Guilt and Depression at Christmas
Listen 12-21-2018

Why Would the Boy Scouts Consider Filing For Bankruptcy?
Listen 12-20-2018

When Practicing Common Sense Could Cost You Your Job
Listen 12-19-2018

Can Christians Wear the Mantle of Celebrity in a Death Culture World?
Listen 12-18-2018

Two Christian Organizations Create Statements That May Harm Christian Liberty
Listen 12-17-2018

When the Church Abdicates Its Calling, the Death Culture Prevails
Listen 12-14-2018

Why Would Today's Supreme Court Turn Away a Case With Pro-Life Implications?
Listen 12-13-2018

A Case Study On "What Is Shaping the World View of Our Christian Institutions?"
Listen 12-12-2018

How Biblical Principles Affect a Nation; How It Was Seen In George H. W. Bush
Listen 12-11-2018

When Powerful & Weak, Rich & Poor, Noble & Ignoble, Are All At The Same Level
Listen 12-10-2018

Using Advent to Worship The King and Challenge the Culture
Listen 12-7-2018

CAVU; Remembering President George H.W. Bush
Listen 12-6-2018

How We View Scientific Accomplishments and Past HIstory Is Tainted By Our World View
Listen 12-5-2018

When We Attempt To Alter Life Apart From God
Listen 12-4-2018

Is It Possible To Have A Truly Non-Partisan Judge in a Human Court?
Listen 12-3-2018

Planned Parenthood Accidently Pulls Back Its Death Culture Curtain
Listen 11-30-2018

John Allen Chau; In the Shadow of Jim Elliot, Through the Gates of Splendor
Listen 11-29-2018

How To Speak Bold Words of Edification in a Snowflake World
Listen 11-28-2018

Trumps Reversal of Obama Abortion Mandates and the Issue of Freedom of Religion
Listen 11-27-2018

A Biblical Perspective on the California Fires and Land Management
Listen 11-26-2018

Self-Imposed Gen X Sexual Confusion
Listen 11-23-2018

A Historic and Biblical Perspective on Thanksgiving
Listen 11-22-2018

Progressives Who Promote "Safe-Spaces" Put Women Endanger With Unsafe Spaces
Listen 11-21-2018

How Might It Look When You Live Out The Words... "Blessed Are You When Men Revile You For My Sake
Listen 11-20-2018

Main Stream Media's Complicit Behavior in Promoting a Death Culture
Listen 11-19-2018

How You Can Sail With the Missionary Journeys of the Apostle Paul Across the Aegean Sea
Listen 11-16-2018

A Biblical and Balanced Approach To Nationalism
Listen 11-15-2018

The Loss of Integrity in Process and Decorum
Listen 11-14-2018

3D Leadership: How Do We Define, Develop and Deploy Christian Leaders?
Listen 11-13-2018

SCOTUS To Hear Case On Religious Symbols On Public Property, and Follow Up On Kavanaugh Allegations
Listen 11-12-2018

NY times Examines Young Evangelical Politics; But Do They Know What An Evangelical Really Is?
Listen 11-9-2018

A Biblical Perspective on the Mid-Term Elections
Listen 11-8-2018

Anti-Semitism; Why Should It Be Abhorrent to the Christian?
Listen 11-7-2018

The Modern Day American Priest For Molech Child Sacrifice
Listen 11-6-2018

Europe's Schizophrenic Legal Approach To The Issue of Blasphemy
Listen 11-5-2018

How Headlines Reveal Much More Than Just the News?
Listen 11-2-2018

A Biblical Address On the Toxicity In Our Culture
Listen 11-1-2018

How the Reformation Impacted the World... How Do We Do It Again?
Listen 10-31-2018

A Survey That Every Church Needs To Digest!
Listen 10-30-2018

How Did E Pluribus Unum Turn Into Tribalism?
Listen 10-29-2018

How a Murder Case Might Affirm the Sanctity of Life Movement For Our Nation
Listen 10-26-2018

Returning Common Sense and Science To Title IX
Listen 10-25-2018

The Death Culture and Its Negative Replacement Fertility Rate
Listen 10-24-2018

America's Biggest Serial Killer
Listen 10-23-2018

The History of the Bible and How It Came To Us, With Author Rod Gragg
Listen 10-22-2018

An Immigration Proposal That Will Embrace A Year of Jubilee
Listen 10-19-2018

A Conversation With Congressman Gary Palmer
Listen 10-18-2018

A Biblical Perspective on Why Civility Is Dissipating from Our Society?
Listen 10-17-2018

Why Christians Stay Committed To Church
Listen 10-16-2018

Stating the Case For Assisted Living
Listen 10-15-2018

A Potential End Around To Tax the Church
Listen 10-12-2018

The Importance of Steering SCOTUS Back To Its Constitutional Judicial Call
Listen 10-11-2018

"The Shack"... Is Poor Theology Justifiable
Listen 10-10-2018

How the Strange Aberration of Hording Has Infiltrated the Church
Listen 10-9-2018

How Multi-layered Accountability Saved One Christian Institution
Listen 10-8-2018

What Does It Look Like When the World Groans?
Listen 10-5-2018

Discerning How To Pray In a "He Said... She Said?" Situation?
Listen 10-4-2018

What Drastic Mistake Is One Popular Pastor Making?
Listen 10-3-2018

Why Baby Boomers Should Embrace Getting Old?
Listen 10-2-2018

A Five Point Biblical Analysis of the ReVoice Conference
Listen 10-1-2018

Why a Christian Institution Would Willingly Surrender To a Secular Culture?
Listen 9-28-2018

A Potential Paradigm Shift in Our Nation's Jurisprudence
Listen 9-27-2018

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor... The Dignity and Sanctity of Work
Listen 9-26-2018

The Epistle of Ronald Reagan
Listen 9-25-2018

The Blatant Defiance of te Sexual Revolution and the Christian Solution
Listen 9-24-2018

Kavanaugh Revisited... Political Abuse or Sexual Abuse?
Listen 9-21-2018

Florence... God In The Storm
Listen 9-20-2018

The Schizophrenic Sexual Revolution
Listen 9-19-2018

The Planned Parenthood Ponzi Principle
Listen 9-18-2018

Biblical Parameters For God Honoring Technology Use
Listen 9-17-2018

Brown University Repressed Study Confirms.. Sin Is Pleasant For A Season... But Then
Listen 9-14-2018

Chinese Christians Being Forced To Deny Their Faith
Listen 9-13-2018

Why Would a Historic Film Deliberately Eliminate an Important Part of History?
Listen 9-12-2018

Finally Something Good From Ca; Business as Usual in DC
Listen 9-11-2018

A Look At The Brett Kavenaugh Process
Listen 9-10-2018

God's Intervention and the Pro-Life, Pro-Choice Debate
Listen 9-7-2018

The So Cal Harvest Crusade Follow Up...God Uses Interesting Means to Further the Gospel
Listen 9-6-2018

A Call From Within Facebook For Free Speech and True Objectivity
Listen 9-5-2018

A Spiritual Answer to the Extreme Political Partisan Divides
Listen 9-4-2018

Labor, A Call To Do Your Work Heartily, Unto the Lord
Listen 9-3-2018

Pope Francis Faces Call For His Resignation
Listen 8-31-2018

Remembering War Hero and Senator John McCain
Listen 8-30-2018

Harry Reeder's God Ordained, Personal, Blessed, Effective, School of Adversity
Listen 8-29-2018

Why Is The Only Workable Solution For Chicago Crime Being Rejected?
Listen 8-28-2018

The Last Nazi War Criminal, Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out
Listen 8-27-2018

Reunited Families, Tears of Joy and a Glimpse of Heaven
Listen 8-24-2018

Why Is It An Imperative Roman Catholics and Evangelicals Have Transparent, Accountable Leadership?
Listen 8-23-2018

Free Speech and the Right of Counselors to Guide Children with Gender Confusion
Listen 8-22-2018

Why Do Catholics and Jews Dominate the Supreme Court?
Listen 8-21-2018

The Un-Relentless Targeting of Christian Baker Jack Phillips
Listen 8-20-2018

What Is The Ultimate Prison Reform Agenda?
Listen 8-17-2018

Equipping the Next Generation w/ Affordable, Reformed, Seminary EDU
Listen 8-16-2018

What Happens When a Church Doesn't Live Out Their Confession?
Listen 8-15-2018

Are Baby Boomers Withdrawing From Face to Face Friendships?
Listen 8-14-2018

The Word of God Is Offense...A Sign of the Times
Listen 8-13-2018

How Could a Biblical Approach to the Death Penalty Actually Restrain the Death Culture?
Listen 8-10-2018

For Pope Francis' Declaration on the Death Penalty; What Does the Bible Say?
Listen 8-9-2018

An Effective Athlete or Christ Worshipper, Proactive Participation is Not Optional
Listen 8-8-2018

Reflections on the Golden Age of Television
Listen 8-7-2018

The National Prayer Breakfast, and Being Vulnerable for the Sake of the Gospel
Listen 8-6-2018

From Conversations with Harry To Today InPerspective; Why We Do What We Do
Listen 8-3-2018

Why Does the USA Need A Religious Liberty Task Force?
Listen 8-2-2018

How Far Will The Secular-Self Swerve to Justify Sin? This Time Its Pedophilia
Listen 8-1-2018

A Life Well Lived Personally and Publicly for Christ
Listen 7-31-2018

Sen. Booker Misquoting Scripture...Woe To Those Who Call Good Evil
Listen 7-30-2018

How Is Religious Freedom Central To America's Place in the World?
Listen 7-27-2018

Ministering In the Midst of Sudden, Unexpected, Tragedy
Listen 7-26-2018

Why Do Churchgoers Stick Around? SURVEY SAYS!
Listen 7-25-2018

Oregon's Absurd Hypocrisy Concerning the Sanctity of Life
Listen 7-24-2018

Feel Good Story About the Ingredients of a Harmonious Society
Listen 7-23-2018

Secular, Progressive, Judges Once Again Attempt to Shut Off the 1st Amendment
Listen 7-20-2018

Biblical Wisdom and the Helsinki Summit
Listen 7-19-2018

A Biblical Perspective on Overcoming the Peter Pan Syndrome
Listen 7-18-2018

Personalities Weighing In On Social Issues... Guam Is Abortion Free!
Listen 7-17-2018

The Supreme Court's Inevitable Rendezvous With the Religious Freedom Issue
Listen 7-16-2018

Theresa May Walking the Fine Line Between National Sovereignty and Nationalism
Listen 7-13-2018

Does Judge Kavanaugh Help Further the Purpose of the Supreme Court?
Listen 7-12-2018

What Secular Humanism Does When They Can't Win the Debate of Ideas
Listen 7-11-2018

The Broad and Positive Ramifications of Supreme Court Ruling In Janus v AFSCME
Listen 7-10-2018

The Not-So-Subtle Ploy By Cultural Elites of Taking Away Parental Rights
Listen 7-9-2018

What Is The Leadership Dynamic of the Marine Corp That So Many Are In The Trump Administrator?
Listen 7-6-2018

Was Jeff Sessions Correct To Exhort Citizens to Adhere to the Romans 13 Principle?
Listen 7-5-2018

God Provide and The Great American Experiment
Listen 7-4-2018

Replacing Supreme Court Justice Kennedy...For Such A Time As This
Listen 7-3-2018

UK Considers Allowing Convicted Pedophiles to Adopt
Listen 7-2-2018

PCUSA and the Damnable Results of Pluralism
Listen 6-29-2018

Non Congressional Farm Bill Embraces O.T. Gleanings Principle
Listen 6-28-2018

The Re-Voice Conference... A Call To Repentance or An Acceptance of Lasciviousness?
Listen 6-27-2018

Thoughtful Thoughts ont eh National Epidemic of Suicide
Listen 6-26-2018

Winning the Human Rights Issue in the Midst of a Death Culture
Listen 6-25-2018

The Immigration Conumdrum, How Do We Support the Rule of Law While Supporting the Family Unit?
Listen 6-22-2018

IG Reports the Fall; Wanting To Be In Charge Without Accountability
Listen 6-21-2018

What Is God's Glorious Backstory Concerning the Singapore Summit?
Listen 6-20-2018

Why Do You Likely Suffer From News Fatigue?
Listen 6-19-2018

Lightening Round... Catholic Stand for Biblical Sexuality, Biblical Masculinity, What Will Your Obituary Say?
Listen 6-18-2018

Yes There Really Is A The Pro Abortion Evangelist
Listen 6-15-2018

Why Believers Ought To Remember and Recognize the Lessons of 1968?
Listen 6-14-2018

The Subtle But Very Real Influence of Pop Culture and the Biblical Antidote
Listen 6-13-2018

How A Presidential Scandal Serves to Teach A Lesson on the Marks of True Repentance
Listen 6-12-2018

A Supreme Opinion That Undermines the Death Culture's Objective
Listen 6-11-2018

A Biblical Analysis of the Masterpiece Cakeshop Opinion
Listen 6-8-2018

New Your City, A Living Example of Judges 21:25
Listen 6-7-2018

First Hand Update on the Political and Spiritual Pulse of the Nation of Israel!
Listen 6-6-2018

Is There a Graying of the American Pastor?
Listen 6-5-2018

The Common Denominator of Every News Story
Listen 6-4-2018

The Balancing Act of Biblical Christian Liberty
Listen 6-1-2018

Religion in America... Survey Says!
Listen 5-31-2018

The Church's Need To Be Thick
Listen 5-30-2018

Could Social Media Ever Replace the Church?
Listen 5-29-2018

Motherhood Without Guilt, The Proverbs 31 Woman
Listen 5-28-2018

The Results When A Culture Rebels
Listen 5-25-2018

Supreme Court Affirms State's Rights But Corruption Could Result
Listen 5-24-2018

What Happens When We Go Wobbly on Truth?
Listen 5-23-2018

The Importance of Accountability...Why 3 Branches of Government?
Listen 5-22-2018

Israel, A Central Player in His Story, Which Continues To Unfold
Listen 5-21-2018

The Three American Detainees Foreshadow Our Final, Joyous Homecoming
Listen 5-18-2018

The USA Embassy In Israel; A Reminder of Our Ultimate Home Capital
Listen 5-17-2018

University Study Validates... Marriage Truly Is Like a Fine Wine
Listen 5-16-2018

The Death Culture's Latest Idea To Fulfill Its Mission
Listen 5-15-2018

A Close Examination On Who Are Teaching Our Future Leaders
Listen 5-14-2018

A Depressed Birthday Remembrance and a Shattered Ideology
Listen 5-11-2018

How Church & State Can Complement Each Other... Better Mankind and Further the Gospel?
Listen 5-10-2018

His Story, Historical Evidence Validating Biblical Truth
Listen 5-9-2018

How and Should You Look At Church Growth Statistics?
Listen 5-8-2018

Why Would We Need An Official Minister of Loneliness?
Listen 5-7-2018

How Can Persecution Spread the Gospel?
Listen 5-4-2018

Could Good News Be Coming To the North Koreans?
Listen 5-3-2018

Television, Technology, and Teachers, You Are What You Eat
Listen 5-2-2018

Government Overreach and Its Attempt to Remove Parental Rights
Listen 5-1-2018

When the Freedom of Speech is Abused, Having a Biblical Response to Abhorrent Rhetoric
Listen 4-30-2018

Progressives Apply Illegal Religious Test For Approval To Serve in Government
Listen 4-27-2018

CA AB-2943, California Bill Would Take Away 1st Amendment Rights
Listen 4-26-2018

How Same Sex Marriage and Military Chaplains Discerning Ultimate Allegiance
Listen 4-25-2018

North Korea and Turkey Serve as A Primer For Believers to Deal With Hostilities in This World
Listen 4-24-2018

How Barbara Bush Will Be Remembered Amongst First Ladies
Listen 4-23-2018

Identity Politics and Family Commitments, Ryan Calls It Quits
Listen 4-20-2018

Is There A Biblical Rational For US Lead Syrian Attack?
Listen 4-19-2018

Can Christian Colleges Survive the Entanglement of LGBT Policies?
Listen 4-18-2018

How Secular Ideology is Taking P.O.W.s in the War on Women?
Listen 4-17-2018

Social Media...Censorhip...Privacy...Monopoly...and Gospel Conduit
Listen 4-16-2018

The Clear Consequences To A Society, When That Society Defies God's Clear Mandates
Listen 4-13-2018

G.W University Almost Got It Right... Christianity Does Produce Privelege For All!
Listen 4-12-2018

How Does the Universally Proclaimed Right of Personal Identity Lead To Total Anarchy?
Listen 4-11-2018

What is Cultural Marxism and Why Does It Have Its Sights on the Evangelical Church?
Listen 4-10-2018

How to Parent Biblically In a Hostile Secularized Culture
Listen 4-9-2018

Is There a Denial By the Pope Over a 2000 Year Old Catholic Doctrine?
Listen 4-6-2018

The 1.3 Trillion Dollar Bill and a Break in Trust Over Life
Listen 4-5-2018

Yet Another Example of Archaeology Affirming Historic Biblical Truth
Listen 4-4-2018

How Is The LGBTQ Movement Influencing State Laws Concerning Surrogacy?
Listen 4-3-2018

Why the 2nd Amendment Is Not the Real Issue... So What Is?
Listen 4-2-2018

Should We Be Worried About Moral Character When We Have Political Expediency?
Listen 3-30-2018

When Can Something Tragic Actually Be Good?
Listen 3-29-2018

Do the Math, Single Parenting Does Not Need to Be Celebrated By the Cultural Elite
Listen 3-28-2018

How the Founding Fathers Foresaw the Need to Connect the Freedom of the 1st Amendment
Listen 3-27-2018

Who Is Winning the Battle of Ideas on the Biblical View of Sanctity of Life?
Listen 3-26-2018

How the Movie I Can Only Imagine Is Affecting Audiences and Actors for Christ
Listen 3-23-2018

The Supreme Court and How the Loss of Free Speech Could Promote Abortion
Listen 3-22-2018

How Does The Lie of Pornography Destroy Lives and Destroy Sexual Intimacy?
Listen 3-21-2018

Governmental Intolerance Against Christians; A Biblical Response
Listen 3-20-2018

How The View Served As a Life Lesson on the Biblical Elements of Repentance
Listen 3-19-2018

Columnist Advocates the Eradication of People with Down Syndrome
Listen 3-16-2018

Rabbi Enters Dangerous Territory as He Proclaims Biblical Figures Are Transgender
Listen 3-15-2018

Supposed Unbiased Fact Check Site Claims Abortion Being Murder Is Fake News
Listen 3-14-2018

Nashville, a Modern Day Story of When You Break One Command You Break Them All
Listen 3-13-2018

How Does the Florida School Shooting Reveal Both the Morals and Ethics of Our Culture?
Listen 3-12-2018

Peggy Noonan Pulls Back the Curtain on What Is Really Wrong With Our Culture
Listen 3-9-2018

The Oscars and Tinsel Town's Admission That They Want To Upset Biblical Values
Listen 3-8-2018

How Does Pro Absinence Evolve Into Pro Life?
Listen 3-7-2018

Why Would a College Founded on Christian Principles Attack Christianity?
Listen 3-6-2018

The Evangelical Church Tumbling Down the Slippery Slop of Silence on Abortion
Listen 3-5-2018

Why Would NBC News Say That Billy Graham Left a Painful Legacy For The LGBTQ?
Listen 3-2-2018

What Is The Answer to Today's Teen Depression Epidemic?
Listen 3-1-2018

How Does the Darkness of the Sovereign Secular Self Show Itself in a Society?
Listen 2-28-2018

Should the Pornography Industry Be Declared a Public Health Crisis?
Listen 2-27-2018

Billy Graham; Well Done Good and Faithful Servant
Listen 2-26-2018

When the Church Embraces the World, Worship Becomes Blasphemous
Listen 2-23-2018

The Disastrous Results of a Culture with Absentee Fathers
Listen 2-22-2018

What is the Story Behind Polling Showing an Increase in Transgender Teens?
Listen 2-21-2018

The Slippery Slope of Sexual Immorality... How Does the Church Respond?
Listen 2-20-2018

How Does the Believer Minister in Tragedy, Such as the South Florida School Shooting?
Listen 2-19-2018

Church Stats and Just How Should You Read Them?
Listen 2-16-2018

The Flu Season, A Televangelist and Why Doctrine Matters
Listen 2-15-2018

CA Bill Forces State Universities to Hand Out Abortion Pill
Listen 2-14-2018

Super Bowl 52, The Story Behind the Story
Listen 2-13-2018

Happy Birthday President Lincoln...His Spiritual Pilgrimage
Listen 2-12-2018

Polling on Gen Z Sexual Confusion, A Challenge or Opportunity for the Church?
Listen 2-9-2018

Euthanasia, When Death with Dignity Becomes All Out Murder
Listen 2-8-2018

The Extreme Bizarre and How Church Should Respond?
Listen 2-7-2018

Can Ivy League Yale Answer Age Old Question; How Can I Find Happiness?
Listen 2-6-2018

The State of the Union Address; Effective Vision Casting or Partisan Divide?
Listen 2-5-2018

What Happens When the Church Embraces Cultural Contextualization on Abortion?
Listen 2-2-2018

Why Did the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Fail in the Senate
Listen 2-1-2018

Persecution; the Great Divide On the Depth, and Strength of the Believer and Non Believer
Listen 1-31-2018

Hashtag Sinner Me Too
Listen 1-30-2018

Policy Changes That Is Great New For Life and Religious Liberty
Listen 1-29-2018

Two Religions, Two Cultures, Two Missions, and Two Outcomes
Listen 1-26-2018

How Has Society Come to the Point That We Now Require A Minister of Loneliness?
Listen 1-25-2018

Historical Evidence Catches Up With Biblical Turth
Listen 1-24-2018

Headlines and Real Life Stories of Unclaimed Blessing and Uncovered Sins
Listen 1-23-2018

Roe V. Wade, 45 Years and Sixty Million Deaths Later
Listen 1-22-2018

How Can Civility and Decorum Accentuate Truth?
Listen 1-19-2018

Adult Entertainment, There Are No Victimless Sins
Listen 1-18-2018

Up From the Ashes, How the Persecuted Church Opens the Door to Revival
Listen 1-17-2018

The Statistics Bare Out the Biblical Truth, with Sins Comes Death
Listen 1-16-2018

Religious Freedom, Kelvin Cochran, For Such a Time As This
Listen 1-15-2018

Sexual Sin Promoters Now Say They Have the Solution... Iranian Christian Refugees in Limbo
Listen 1-12-2018

Win or Lose; Playing for God's Glory... Positives for Pro Life
Listen 1-11-2018

The Response of teh Secularist World and Life View When They Can't Win the Debate of Ideas?
Listen 1-10-2018

How Prudent or Foolish Stewardship Affects Government and Family
Listen 1-9-2018

The More Important Issue Behind the New Book, "Fire and Fury"
Listen 1-8-2018

Powerful Voices From the Grave Concerning Assisted Suicide
Listen 1-5-2018

Why Even the Best Conservation Political Policy Will Far Short
Listen 1-4-2018

How Do We Speak the Truth in Love in the Face of Imbecilic Public Policy?
Listen 1-3-2018

Why Should a President's Yes Should Be Yes, and No be No?
Listen 1-2-2018

How Do I Create Biblical Resolutions for 2018?
Listen 1-1-2018

A Look Back at the Headlines of 2017 Through the Lens of Scripture
Listen 12-29-2017

What Is the Fallout When a Nation Devalues Children?
Listen 12-28-2017

How Secure Is Trump's National Security Strategy?
Listen 12-27-2017

How Might the New Tax Bill Be Pro Family and Pro Marriage?
Listen 12-26-2017

What Is The Cure For Christmas Induced Parental Guilt and Holiday Depression?
Listen 12-25-2017

So What Is Advent All About
Listen 12-22-2017

R.C. Sproul; A Life Well Lived
Listen 12-21-2017

What You Do and Don't Do When Elections Go Wrong and Governmental Institutions Go Bad?
Listen 12-20-2017

The Right Response to the Eroding Trust in Government Agencies
Listen 12-19-2017

A Post-Mortem Analysis of Senatorial Election with Biblical Clarity and Christian Charity
Listen 12-18-2017

The Sophisticated Inbecility of the Neo-Pagan World and Life View
Listen 12-15-2017

The Two Reasons Abortion Exists and a Hopeful Investigation for Life
Listen 12-14-2017

What Is The Real Story Behind the Graying of the American Pastor?
Listen 12-13-2017

The Inexact Art of Interpreting the Oral Arguments of Masterpiece Cake Shop
Listen 12-12-2017

U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Biblical Prophecy or Smart Foreign Policy
Listen 12-11-2017

How Do Reconcile Your Love For Someone With Their Bad Behavior?
Listen 12-8-2017

How a Cake Shop Might Decide Our Freedom of Speech and Religion
Listen 12-7-2017

3 Lessons Learned From 3 European Countries
Listen 12-06-2017

Sanctity of Life; Good News, Bad News
Listen 12-05-2017

Providence of God Seen in Unlikely Sources Allows For Record Setting Judicial Appointments
Listen 12-04-2017

The Sect of Islam Attacks A Sect of Islam... How to Maximize the Advent Season
Listen 12-01-2017

The Biblical Imperative to Protect Life in the Military and in the Womb
Listen 11-30-2017

The Ultimate Solution to Every News Story We Cover!
Listen 11-29-2017

The Avalanche of Sexual Harassment Accusations; Why So Many Now?
Listen 11-28-2017

Can A Museum Have Eternal Value? ... We Have One!
Listen 11-27-2017

So Exactly Why Is There a Cultural Cascade into Sexual Anarchy?
Listen 11-24-2017

An Historic and Biblical Perspective on Thanksgiving
Listen 11-23-2017

A Psychoanalyst's Corroboration on a Biblical Definition of Family
Listen 11-22-2017

Lesson From a Disastrous Australian Vote on Same Sex Marriage
Listen 11-21-2017

Some Good News, Rays of Hope, and Cultural Sanity
Listen 11-20-2017

How Is Secularism and the Sovereign Self Is Converting Common Sense Into the Absurd?
Listen 11-17-2017

Roy Moore; Sexual Predator or Unfair Hit Job, How Do Evangelicals Discern?
Listen 11-16-2017

Lightning Round...Promises Made, Promises Broken
Listen 11-15-2017

Bill Graham at 99, Personal and Pastoral Remembrances You Don't Want To Miss
Listen 11-14-2017

What Did Last Week's Election Tell Us?
Listen 11-13-2017

How Do We Respond To the Newly Offered Religion of Artificial Intelligence?
Listen 11-10-2017

What is a Christian Response To the Texas Church Massacre and Its Implications
Listen 11-9-2017

Georgetown University, Biblical Marriage and Keeping the Faith
Listen 11-8-2017

From Reofrmation Celebration to Reformation Consecration
Listen 11-7-2017

NYC Islamic Terrorism...Immigration Policies and the Real Issue?
Listen 11-6-2017

Vineyards, Intrigue, Treachery, and How Archaeology Affirms the Bible Again?
Listen 11-3-2017

Intercessory Prayer; Alabama Football; and The Bill of Rights
Listen 11-2-2017

What Are The Long Term Effects of the Reformation on Relations Between Protestants and Roman Catholics?
Listen 11-1-2017

How Did the Actions of One Man, 500 Years Ago, Significantly Impact our World's Cultures Today?
Listen 10-31-2017

How Does The Church Address the Biggest Corruption Scandal Since the Grant Presidency?
Listen 10-30-2017

How Does the Church Address the Issue of Transgenderism?
Listen 10-27-2017

A Christian Perspective on Government Influence vs. Church Influence
Listen 10-26-2017

Can We Really Say Good Riddance To the Islamic State?
Listen 10-25-2017

Has Trump Been Right All Along About Fake News?
Listen 10-24-2017

How Do We Distinguish Political Dialogue From Adversarial Resistance?
Listen 10-23-2017

What Did the Pope Proclaim That Everyone Ought To Note?
Listen 10-20-2017

Why Would Hollywood Banish One of Their Own?
Listen 10-19-2017

How Taxation Could Jeopardize Freedom of Religion
Listen 10-18-2017

Free Speech, Pro Life and Media Manipulation
Listen 10-17-2017

Girls Joining Boy Scouts, Puts a Blur on God's Creation Distinctive
Listen 10-16-2017

Voodoo, Occult, Secularism, and the need for Religion
Listen 10-13-2017

Late Night Comedians Turn Entertainment to Partisan Political Antagonism
Listen 10-12-2017

Another Sign That the Church is Losing its influence in America
Listen 10-11-2017

How the State of Tennessee Implements a Biblical Principal into Law
Listen 10-10-2017

A Partial Victory Via "The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act"
Listen 10-9-2017

Scientist Discovers God Created Man With a Biological Clock That Needs Rest
Listen 10-6-2017

Ministering God's Grace in the Midst of an Act of Pure Evil
Listen 10-5-2017

Gov. Rauner Breaks Vow in Order to Be Consistent With His Values
Listen 10-4-2017

Leaving Behind a Life and Legacy of Sexual Perversion and Decadence
Listen 10-3-2017

The Futile Attempt to Change the Definition of Biblical Marriage
Listen 10-2-2017

Why End of the World Predictions Always Miss the Mark
Listen 9-29-2017

How does a Leader Give A Biblical Response to a Questionable Protest?
Listen 9-28-2017

Natural Catastrophes; An Opportunity for the Kingdom in the Midst of the Storm
Listen 9-27-2017

Graham - Cassidy Bill; Obamacare Lite or a Positive First Step?
Listen 9-26-2017

Analysis of Trump's UN Speech; Uncaring Rhetoric or Appropriate Denunciation?
Listen 9-25-2017

Victory OVer Blatant Attempt To Shut Off Free Speech
Listen 9-22-2017

Why American Public Is Abandoning the Entertainment Industry
Listen 9-21-2017

North Korea; Beyond Politics, and a Gospel Strategy
Listen 9-20-2017

Progressives... School Vouchers and Political Opportunity
Listen 9-19-2017

President Trump; Bi-Partisan Leadership, Pragmatic or Principled?
Listen 9-18-2017

When Parental Compassion Is Actually Child Abuse
Listen 9-15-2017

What is God Doing in the Midst of the Storms?
Listen 9-14-2017

Who Decides When Life Is Worth Living?
Listen 9-13-2017

Hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood and Another Look at DACA
Listen 9-12-2017

Another Governmental Religious Test
Listen 9-11-2017

Football Violence; Concussion and a Counter-Intuitive Suggestion
Listen 9-8-2017

Is There a Solution to North Korea's Obsession With War?
Listen 9-7-2017

Court Tells Christian Coach Not To Live Out His Faith
Listen 9-6-2017

Tyrannical Movements and Their Wake of Violence; Is History Repeating Itself?
Listen 9-5-2017

How Biology Confirms the Bible; Children Need Their Fathers
Listen 9-4-2017

Is it Racist to Ponder the Virtues of the 1950s?
Listen 9-1-2017

A Biblical Response to Hurricane Harvey
Listen 8-31-2017

How Far Will Academia Stretch the Absurdity of Anarchy
Listen 8-30-2017

The Hard Reality and Conflict of Sexual Anarchy Verses Christian Liberty
Listen 8-29-2017

What Exactly Is The Character of Our Nation?
Listen 8-28-2017

Reflections Back on Charlottesville
Listen 8-25-2017

Robert Jeffress, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un
Listen 8-24-2017

A Biblical Approach to Sex Education in the Family
Listen 8-23-2017

A Biblical Response to Gender Chaos of Elite Colleges
Listen 8-22-2017

Climate Change a Christian Duty?
Listen 8-21-2017

Genetic Editing... Microchips...and the Mark of the Beast
Listen 8-18-2017

Tragedy in Charlottesville; What is the Biblical Solution to create E Pluribus Unum?
Listen 8-17-2017

Why are Leaders In Europe and Asia Begging Mothers to Have Babies?
Listen 8-16-2017

What is His Story Behind the Story of "Dunkirk"?
Listen 8-15-2017

How do you prepare the Student, as well as Mom and Dad to Head Off For College?
Listen 8-14-2017

Legislation to Insure Free Speech on College Campus
Listen 8-11-2017

Canada Gives Financial Incentive to Doctors for Assistance in Dying
Listen 8-10-2017

Court Victory For Christian Doctors... Epidemic of Narcissism
Listen 8-9-2017

Bible Studies at the White House
Listen 8-8-2017

The Call For the Church to Change the Biblical Definition of Sex
Listen 8-7-2017

Government Schools Mandating the LGBT Agenda
Listen 8-4-2017

How Harry Is Preparing God's People to Live as Exiles in This World
Listen 8-3-2017

Harry's TV and Cable Choices
Listen 8-2-2017

The Debate of Health Care Insurance or Health Care
Listen 8-1-2017

The Proper Approach and Use of our Christian Liberty
Listen 7-31-2017

The Government's Role to Protect Religious Freedom By Example
Listen 7-28-2017

Religion in America, Survey Says!
Listen 7-27-2017

A True Story of A Father's Tough Love
Listen 7-26-2017

News Anchor Says Good-Bye to Twitter... Not Allowing Social Media To Control You
Listen 7-25-2017

Transgender Puberty Blockers a Dangerous and Unproven Experiment
Listen 7-24-2017

A Stunned Media Observes the Strange Event of Prayer
Listen 7-21-2017

Eugene Peterson; Is It Compassionate For a Pastor To Conduct a Same Sex Wedding?
Listen 7-20-2017

WWJD When It Comes To Baking a Gay Wedding Cake?
Listen 7-19-2017

How the Reformation Changed Education
Listen 7-18-2017

Child Abuse By The Non-Binary Trans Sect
Listen 7-17-2017

The Importance of Thickness in the Church
Listen 7-14-2017

Despite Mark Zuckerburg, Social Media Will Never Replace the Church
Listen 7-13-2017

Welfare Reform and Embracing the Dignity of Work
Listen 7-12-2017

Kentucky To Lead the Way in Permitting Public Schools To Teach the Bible
Listen 7-11-2017

Oregon Legislature to Pay for Abortions, Even To Illegal Immigrants
Listen 7-10-2017

The Story of Charlie Gard and the Court That Sentenced Him To Death
Listen 7-7-2017

The Ever Encroaching LGBTTIQ Agenda and How do Christians Stand Firm?
Listen 7-6-2017

Alarming Statistics on the Consumption of Pornography
Listen 7-5-2017

Independence Day, The Parameters That Give Us True Freedom
Listen 7-4-2017

Christian College Get Pushback on Covenant of Life Contracts
Listen 7-3-2017

Study Confirms Why Liberal Churches Are Dying
Listen 6-30-2017

Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church
Listen 6-29-2017

The Powerful Use of Story
Listen 6-28-2017

Archbishop Notes Europe's Embracing of Paganism
Listen 6-27-2017

Player Leaves U.S. Team Over Forced Wearing of Gay Pride Jersey
Listen 6-26-2017

Mother Asks Permission of Infant Son If She Can Pick Him Up
Listen 6-23-2017

Congressional Shootings, Words Matter
Listen 6-22-2017

School Choice Results Are In... School Choice Actually Reduces Educational Costs
Listen 6-21-2017

Cremation is Becoming the New Norm; How Should the Christian Approach This Issue?
Listen 6-20-2017

Study Reveals Less Money For Teenage Sex Education Leads to Less Teenage Sex
Listen 6-19-2017

Bernie Sanders Blatant Attack of the Faith of an Evangelical Christian
Listen 6-16-2017

Fallout From the James Comey Senate Committee Testimony
Listen 6-15-2017

The Unraveling of the A.M.A.
Listen 6-14-2017

Apparently the Myth of Separation of Church and State Only Applies To Christianity
Listen 6-13-2017

3 Stories of Culture's Rebellion Against the God Who Created Male and Female
Listen 6-12-2017

City Bans Farmer Because His Beliefs Don't Align on Same Sex Marriage
Listen 6-9-2017

Getting Inside the Mind and Responding to an Islamist Terrorist
Listen 6-8-2017

N.E. Jorunal of Medicine Study Suggest Different Reason for Dr. Assisted Suicide
Listen 6-7-2017

Texas Passes Legislation that Supports Christian Adoption and Foster Care
Listen 6-6-2017

Kathy Griffin Crosses the Line of Sensibility
Listen 6-5-2017

The Tale of Two Speeches; Man Centered vs. God Centered
Listen 6-2-2017

Remembering JFK on His 100th Birthday
Listen 6-1-2017

Five Reasons Members Are Not Committed To The Church
Listen 5-31-2017

Ulrich Zwingli an Unsung Hero of the Reformation
Listen 5-30-2017

Japan Emperor to Abdicate, An Acknowledgement of Non-Divinity
Listen 5-29-2017

Trump's Riyadh Speech; A Speech With Theological Implications
Listen 5-26-2017

Remembering Victoria Reeder Hall
Listen 5-25-2017

The Siren Song to Change the Definition of Biblical Sexuality
Listen 5-24-2017

2nd Amendment Rights in the Public Workspace... The Practice of Adulting
Listen 5-23-2017

Who Is The Arbiter of the American Republic?
Listen 5-22-2017

American Opinions About Moral Practices Going in Immoral Direction
Listen 5-19-2017

Aging Progressive Says Climate Change Caused By Lack of Abortions
Listen 5-18-2017

Too Young to Cross the Street but Old Enough to Decide on a Sex Change
Listen 5-17-2017

Secretary of Education; Learns a Lesson about a Society without Manners
Listen 5-16-2017

Comey No Longer Serving at the Pleasure of the President
Listen 5-15-2017

Since God's Word is the Truth why don't People Actually Read It?
Listen 5-12-2017

Gov. School Mandate, Toddlers To Be Educated With the LBGT Curriculum
Listen 5-11-2017

Gov. School Mandate, Toddlers To Be Educated With the LBGT Curriculum
Listen 5-10-2017

Standing Firm in the Political Arena in Life
Listen 5-9-2017

Trump's Religious Liberty Executive Order
Listen 5-8-2017

A Clarification of Andrew Jackson the Populist President and the Ability to Avoid War
Listen 5-5-2017

The Proposed Omnibus Budget, A True Reflection of American Values
Listen 5-4-2017

The March for Junk Science, and Trump's Roadblock on Defunding Sanctuary Cities
Listen 5-3-2017

The French Presidential Election and the Populist Movement
Listen 5-2-2017

Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer
Listen 5-1-2017

The Irony Over the Liberals Definition of Objective Truth
Listen 4-28-2017

Alarming Stats On The Consumption of Pornography
Listen 4-27-2017

Be Careful of the Company You Keep, Planned Parenthood Awards Hillary Clinton
Listen 4-26-2017

The Objectification of Women and Children Through Surrogate Pregnancies
Listen 4-25-2017

The Proper Use of Christian Liberty
Listen 4-24-2017

Swedish Gov. Tells Mid-wife, You May Not Have Freedom of Conscience
Listen 4-21-2017

Christian College Gets Push Back For Embracing Biblical Values
Listen 4-20-2017

United Airlines Debacle, Capitalism Void of Christian Ethics
Listen 4-19-2017

Middle East Regime Change; Be Careful What You Ask For
Listen 4-18-2017

Government Leadership and the Need for Moral Excellence
Listen 4-17-2017

Good Friday in the Midst of Middle Eastern Strife
Listen 4-14-2017

A Change of Senate Protocol and A Change of a Court's Decision
Listen 4-13-2017

Penetrating America's Entertainment Industry with the Gospel
Listen 4-12-2017

Three Clear Examples of the Fallout of Societies Sexual Anarchy
Listen 4-11-2017

Mike Pence PLaces a Hedge Around His Marriage
Listen 4-10-2017

Lightening Round "Making a Positive Impact in the Academia World"
Listen 4-7-2017

Unmasking, Leaking, Lying, Obama's Watergate?
Listen 4-6-2017

Student Suspended for Challenging Muslim Professor's Claim That Jesus Was Not Crucified
Listen 4-5-2017

Center For Medical Progress Charged by Tainted CA Attorney General
Listen 4-4-2017

Drilling Down Into the Russian Probe with Clarity and Confidence
Listen 4-3-2017

Wars and Rumors of Wars, Trump's Need To Explain How He Would Use Military
Listen 3-31-2017

Obamacare Repeal and Replace, What is Next?
Listen 3-30-2017

School Administrators Tell Student to Either Get Rid of Your Modesty or Get Out
Listen 3-29-2017

Three Stories Related To Sanctity of Life
Listen 3-28-2017

Popular Reformed Preacher Not Eligible For Princeton Award in Reformed Theology
Listen 3-27-2017

Lessons Learned Through Medical Adversity, To Live Is Christ To Die Is Gain
Listen 3-24-2017

Progressivism, Originalism, and Gorsuch
Listen 3-23-2017

Why Are Millennials Walking Away From the Faith of Their Parents?
Listen 3-22-2017

Southern Baptists, Walking the lIne of Politics Vs. Theology
Listen 3-21-2017

Trumps 2005 Taxes, Solid Reporting or Malicious Slander
Listen 3-20-2017

Wyoming Wrestles With Social Issues That Have Eternal Consequences
Listen 3-17-2017

Christians Standing Against Bigotry, University Bans Objective Facts From Campus
Listen 3-16-2017

Trump Confronts Sex Trafficking and Planned Parenthood
Listen 3-15-2017

The New Beauty and the Beast, Is Walt Rolling Over In His Grave?
Listen 3-14-2017

"The Shack"... Is Poor Theology Justifiable
Listen 3-13-2017

A Biblical Perspective on Violence and Politics
Listen 3-10-2017

Let the Government's Yes be Yes and their No be No
Listen 3-9-2017

Bunker Hill 1775 Bible Points to God's Incredible Grace and Mercy
Listen 3-8-2017

A Biblical Perspective on the UN Human Rights Council
Listen 3-7-2017

Applying Biblical Leadership Principles to Partisan Government
Listen 3-6-2017

The Oscars, Evidence That Hollywood Should Quit Making Speeches and Stick To Their Craft
Listen 3-3-2017

Air B&B; A World and Life View with Little Toleration
Listen 3-2-2017

The Societal Fallout of Marriage Under Attack
Listen 3-1-2017

Can a Christian Be Ambivalent Towards Abortion
Listen 2-28-2017

The Effective Use of Story
Listen 2-27-2017

Norma Rae and Her New Story of Eternal Life
Listen 2-24-2017

Trump Vs. The Fake News Media
Listen 2-23-2017

The Wrong Cultural Trajectory, Boy Scouts now Embracing Transgender Movement
Listen 2-22-2017

No, We Can't Agree to Disagree When It Comes to God's View of Marriage
Listen 2-21-2017

Why America's Population Growth is At an 80 Year Low
Listen 2-20-2017

Tuff Universities' Ban on Free Speech Could Equate To A Ban on the Gospel
Listen 2-17-2017

Thomas Sowell; A Life in Retrospect
Listen 2-16-2017

The 500th Reformation Anniversary Trip
Listen 2-15-2017

A World Wid Report on Christian Persecution
Listen 2-14-2017

Abortion and What Happens When the Church Remains Silent
Listen 2-13-2017

Trump's Stance on LGBT Order Stuns Religious Liberty Advocates
Listen 2-10-2017

Iran's Missiles and Trump's Test
Listen 2-09-2017

The Shutting Down of Free Speech Through Violence
Listen 2-08-2017

The Troubling Appearance of Campaign Contributions and Confirmation Outcomes
Listen 2-07-2017

Neil Gorsuch; For Such a Time as This
Listen 2-06-2017

The Firing of Sally Yates, Act of Courage or Act of Sabotage
Listen 2-03-2017

Trump Immigration Executive Order and the Feigned Outrage
Listen 2-02-2017

Could Populism Produce the Next Hitler?
Listen 2-01-2017

Building a Wall, Isolationism or Prudent Security
Listen 1-31-2017

A Civics Lesson; Lex Rex or Mob Rule
Listen 1-30-2017

The Tale of Two Marches, One For the Sovereign Self and One for Life
Listen 1-27-2017

Trump's First Full Day As President,; An Evaluation
Listen 1-26-2017

Abortion Rate Is Lower... But Why?
Listen 1-25-2017

Catholic Archbishop Recognizes Where the Path of Paganism Leads
Listen 1-24-2017

Obama's Outgoing Decrees Undermine Biblical Morals
Listen 1-23-2017

Research Study Confirms Why Liberal Churches Are Dying
Listen 1-20-2017

Political Progressives Sitting Out Trump Inauguration
Listen 1-19-2017

Perhaps the Dawn of the State and Federal Undoing of the Abortion Industry
Listen 1-18-2017

Dylan Roof; Is the Death Penalty Biblical and Justified?
Listen 1-17-2017

2 Men 2 Legacies, Building a Biblical Legacy that Lasts
Listen 1-16-2017

Cabinet Nominees, A Process of Confirmation or Condemnation
Listen 1-13-2017

Championship Football and Lessons for Life
Listen 1-12-2017

Fake News, Nothing New and a Necessary Evil
Listen 1-11-2017

School Choice... Results are in, Better Value with Improved Outcome
Listen 1-10-2017

Accountability Needed in Life and in the Executive Branch
Listen 1-9-2017

The Political Strategy of the Secular Humanist
Listen 1-6-2017

Common Sense Transgender Ruling Embraces Biblical Perpsective
Listen 1-5-2017

Kerry Obama Takes Swipe At Israel As They Exit the White House
Listen 1-4-2017

Is The Virgin Birth Crucial To Christianity?
Listen 1-3-2017

Church Revitalization, Embers to a Flame
Listen 1-2-2017

A Personal Biblical Plan for 2017
Listen 12-30-2016

2016 In Reviewbr />Listen 12-29-2016

Man Knows Not His Time, 2016 in Review
Listen 12-28-2016

Good News for Pro Life, Death Knell for Pro-Choice
Listen 12-27-2016

Court Order on Burial of Babies, OK Back Off On Pro-Life Signage, Haystack Monument Embarrasses College
Listen 12-26-2016

Christmas Guilt, Depression or Joy
Listen 12-23-2016

Christmas and Terrorism, Christians are Being Told Once Again "Fear Not"
Listen 12-22-2016

The Movie Hack Saw Ridge and Religious Freedom
Listen 12-21-2016

Can the Church Make Alliances With Sexual Orientation Laws
Listen 12-20-2016

Small But Important Victories In the Pro Life Movement
Listen 12-19-2016

Antidote For Fake News; Reporters Who Know The Good News
Listen 12-16-2016

Russian Hacking, Cyberwar or Political Sour Grapes
Listen 12-15-2016

Universities; Change Your Behavior or Change Your Name
Listen 12-14-2016

The Ever Growing Tentacles of the Culture of Death
Listen 12-13-2016

Why We Need More True Advent
Listen 12-12-2016

Lightening Round...Genocide of Black Babies...Carson at HUD...Presidential Faith Forums
Listen 12-09-2016

Cultural Elitist Outcry Against Attending a Bible Believing Church
Listen 12-08-2016

Creating An Environment for Biblical Success
Listen 12-07-2016

Speaking About the Matters of Education
Listen 12-06-2016

Development of Trump Leadership Team and Lessons From a Christian World and Life View
Listen 12-05-2016

Bizarre, CA Bar Ethics Rule Proposal; Not Proper to Engage in Sex With Clients
Listen 12-02-2016

Man Knows Not His Time... Fidel Castro
Listen 12-01-2016

State Overrides Parental Rights Means Disastrous Results For Son
Listen 11-30-2016

The Sin of Abortion... Where Do We Find Forgiveness
Listen 11-29-2016

An Administration’s Policies Built on Sand
Listen 11-28-2016

Why Ex-Presidents Should Slow To Speak and Be Quick To Listen
Listen 11-25-2016

Biblical Thanksgiving
Listen 11-24-2016

Pro Life Movement Can Be Thankful
Listen 11-23-2016

Post-Election Issues and Observations
Listen 11-22-2016

Sanctuary Cities a Haven For Lawlessness
Listen 11-21-2016

Trump's 60 min. Interview Reflects Pragmatism; Gives an Open Door To Church
Listen 11-18-2016

Establishment Politicians Miss the Message Instead Blame Electoral College
Listen 11-17-2016

A Biblical Encouragement For Trumps First 100 Days
Listen 11-16-2016

A Post Election Response From The Church
Listen 11-15-2016

A Post Election Response From the Culture
Listen 11-14-2016

A New Administration Has Taken Over; What is Next for the Church?
Listen 11-11-2016

Our New President Donald J. Trump
Listen 11-10-2016

Martin Luther; A Media Pioneer of His Day
Listen 11-9-2016

American Christian are Caving on Core Beliefs
Listen 11-8-2016

Harry's 5 Fold Paradigm for Voting with Christian Wisdom
Listen 11-7-2016

Why African Americans Are Saying No To Assisted Suicide
Listen 11-4-2016

Reopening the FBI E-mail Investigation, Prudent Police Work or Unnecessary Interference
Listen 11-3-2016

Ashley Madison One Year Later, What is True Repentance?
Listen 11-2-2016

Satan's 3 Fold Strategy Is Employed By Terrorist Groups
Listen 11-1-2016

Diversity Trumping Unity in GOP, the Church, the Nation
Listen 10-31-2016

China Realizes That A Culture of Death Will Destroy A Nation
Listen 10-28-2016

2016 Election Reveals a Fading Free Press
Listen 10-27-2016

Nonintervention and Leading From Behind; What Did Our Founding Fathers Intend?
Listen 10-26-2016

Transgender Agenda Now Being Embraced By United Nations
Listen 10-25-2016

Court Rules Pregnancy Centers Must Promote Abortion, Time for Civil Disobedience
Listen 10-24-2016

An Analysis of the Third and Final Presidential Debate
Listen 10-21-2016

Mass. State Law Oppressing the Church, P & G Takes a Stand For Religious Freedom
Listen 10-20-2016

Chicago Field Museum Encourages The Re-thinking of Darwinism
Listen 10-19-2016

Some Johns Hopkins Faculty Embrace PC Over Science
Listen 10-18-2016

Physician Assisted Suicide on Four State Ballots This November
Listen 10-17-2016

Clinton Confidantes Mock Catholics and Evangelicals
Listen 10-14-2016

Orthodoxy vs. Orthopraxy a mounting challenge for Campus Ministries
Listen 10-13-2016

Two October Surprises and How They Played Out in the 2nd Presidential Debate
Listen 10-12-2016

V.P. Survery Says: Evangelicals Are Doctrinally Ignorant
Listen 10-11-2016

Debate and the Loss of Protocol
Listen 10-10-2016

The Delusion of Honoring Planned Parenthood, Only Liberal Black Lives Matter, When a Church is Not a Church
Listen 10-7-2016

Justice Suspended Over Gay Marriage Opposition, Pope Declares World at War with Marriage, The Deconstruction of Masculinity
Listen 10-6-2016

Toddler's Sexual Reassignment, Men Giving Birth and all To real Cultural Sideshow of Lies
Listen 10-5-2016

African UMC Holds USA UMC Accountable, IRS Probes Churches and Repeal Johnson Amendment
Listen 10-4-2016

Why Are Young People Embracing a Death Culture, Polish Parliament Outlaws Abortion
Listen 10-3-2016

The King of the PGA Meets the King of Kings
Listen 9-30-2016

A Christian Perspective on the First Presidential Debate of 2016
Listen 9-29-2016

Science Set Aside For Political Correctness
Listen 9-28-2016

Created In His Image ... All Lives Matter
Listen 9-27-2016

Evangelical Pastor Says Christianity Not Dependent upon the Bible
Listen 9-26-2016

Joni Eareckson Tada and the Suffering Bible
Listen 9-23-2016

How should a Believer Respond to the influx of Refugees
Listen 9-22-2016

Catholic Church Stands Firm on Marriage, Beaham Brothers Speak Out, CA Law Crushes Freedom of the Press
Listen 9-21-2016

Sexual Devolution Leads to Repugnant Behavior
Listen 9-20-2016

NCAA Hypocritical Demands on North Carolina
Listen 9-19-2016

Will The Church Remain Biblical on the Issue of Marriage and Political Pressure Increases
Listen 9-16-2016

Medical and Financial Transparency in the Election Proscess
Listen 9-15-2016

Defending Families over Transgender Issue and the Need for Common Grace
Listen 9-14-2016

Federal Pro-Abortion Manipulation Through the X Funding
Listen 9-13-2016

Reflections on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation
Listen 9-12-2016

Trigger Warnings... Safe Spaces and Freedom of Religion
Listen 9-9-2016

Colin Kaepernick, Christian Liberty and Doing What is Right
Listen 9-8-2016

Deviles Bad News Club Invading Public Schools
Listen 9-7-2016

Pew Research; What is Important for a Church Home
Listen 9-6-2016

Immigration and a Trump Campaign Analysis
Listen 9-5-2016

The Sovereign Self Clearly Seen in U.N. International Safe Abortion Day
Listen 9-2-2016

NFL Double Standard; A Nation of Virtue Symbolism
Listen 9-1-2016

America's Demographics Going In Dangerous Direction
Listen 8-31-2016

Cultural Marxism
Listen 8-30-2016

Lack of Morals and Truth in Today's Political World
Listen 8-29-2016

Ben-Hur and Other Opportunities to be Salt and Light in Hostile Culture
Listen 8-26-2016

Lotteries, A Predatory Tax on the Poor
Listen 8-25-2016

China; Persecution Leading to a Great Awakening
Listen 8-24-2016

Common Grace Victories in the Public Square
Listen 8-23-2016

God’s Redeeming Grace for Countries and Families
Listen 8-22-2016

Trump's Speech On Extreme Extreme Vetting
Listen 8-19-2016

A Biblical Perspective On The Milwaukee Riots
Listen 8-18-2016

NPR Condescending Toward Creationism and the Noah's Ark Project
Listen 8-17-2016

Is Terrorism Coming to the American Church?
Listen 8-16-2016

Gold Medal Winners, Simone Biles Adoptive Parents
Listen 8-15-2016

A Christian Perspective on the Olympics
Listen 8-12-2016

Public Schools Attempt To Usurp Parents on Transgender Issue
Listen 8-11-2016

Bishop Addresses Root Cause of Gender Dysphoria
Listen 8-10-2016

Illinois Pro-Life Centers Forced to Promote Abortion
Listen 8-9-2016

A Tale of Two Types of Refugee
Listen 8-8-2016

America's Death Culture For Infants, the Elderly and the Unwanted
Listen 8-5-2016

Transgender Self Mutilation Ok With Americans
Listen 8-4-2016

Ask Not What Gov Can Do For You... How Quickly Things Have Changed
Listen 8-3-2016

Protesters or Protestants
Listen 8-2-2016

WikiLeaks...Your Sins Will Find You Out
Listen 8-1-2016

Declaration of Independence... A Racist Document or a Call For Freedom
Listen 7-29-2016

Planned Parenthood's Irrational Promotion of Abortion Violence as an Instrument of Racial Reconciliation
Listen 7-28-2016

A Republic If You Can Keep It
Listen 7-27-2016

School Sends in Sheriff to Stop 7 year old from handing out Bible Verses
Listen 7-26-2016

The Political Futures of Mike Pence and Ted Cruz
Listen 7-25-2016

God's Design As a Solution For Racial Animosity
Listen 7-22-2016

Christian Oppression around the World and Here at Home
Listen 7-21-2016

States Rebel Against Transgender Guidance Letter
Listen 7-20-2016

An Exam of the GOP Platform
Listen 7-19-2016

Trump Picks Pence
Listen 7-18-2016

Lt. Gen Michael Flynn and the Collapse of Our Society
Listen 7-15-2016

Biblical Race Relationship Solutions
Listen 7-14-2016

Proposed Democrat Party Platform
Listen 7-13-2016

Islam, Homosexuality, and Denominational and Confessional Integrity
Listen 7-12-2016

The Fall Out of Unequal Application of the Law
Listen 7-11-2016

Lightning Round, FBI and Clinton, Courts and Abortion, Macroaggressions
Listen 7-8-2016

Demise of Religious Liberty and Christian Education
Listen 7-7-2016

Iranian Captivity and Military Moral
Listen 7-6-2016

Supreme Court Decisions and Non Decisions
Listen 7-5-2016

Independence Day... Celebration and Reflection
Listen 7-4-2016

Was There a Trump Conversion?
Listen 7-1-2016

A Christian Perspective on Brexit and Benghazi
Listen 6-30-2016

Persecution and Global Suffering
Listen 6-29-2016

College Sports Team Forfeits Match for Sabbath
Listen 6-28-2016

Religious Liberties in Public and Private Sectors
Listen 6-27-2016

Church Goers Join the Ranks of Cohabitating Couples
Listen 6-24-2016

When God Seems Silent
Listen 6-23-2016

Should We Jettison the Word Evangelical
Listen 6-22-2016

Joel Olsteen, A Gospel without Hell is No Gospel
Listen 6-21-2016

Corporate Invasions Upon Christian Liberty
Listen 6-20-2016

Bias in Today's Journalism
Listen 6-17-2016

The Need for Planting Solid Churches w/ Biblical Preaching
Listen 6-16-2016

1775 Bible Points to God's Grace at Bunker Hill
Listen 6-15-2016

Who Are The Real Science Deniers?
Listen 6-14-2016

Graduates Told to Emulate Margaret Sanger
Listen 6-13-2016

Made in the Image of God... A Report on South Africa
Listen 6-10-2016

ACLU State Leader Resigns Post Over the Reality of the Transgender Issues
Listen 6-9-2016

The Roman Catholic Church, A Voice in the Public Square
Listen 6-8-2016

Middle School Students to Receive Free Condoms
Listen 6-7-2016

The Faith of Bernie Sanders
Listen 6-6-2016

Gay Marriage and the Episcopal Church
Listen 6-3-2016

P.C. Speech Entering the Abortion Debate
Listen 6-2-2016

Preaching For The Wealth of God’s Glory
Listen 6-1-2016

Doctor Fired for Speaking Truth on Medical Dangers of Gay Lifestyle
Listen 5-31-2016

Memorial Day, TN To Protect Christian Counselors
Listen 5-30-2016

Gay Pastor Lies In Order To Promote LBGT Agenda
Listen 5-27-2016

Artists Forced To Celebrate Gay Weddings in Phoenix
Listen 5-26-2016

Tenn. Sheriff Taken To Court Over Easer Notation
Listen 5-25-2016

SCLC Stands With Gov. McCrory on Bathroom Bill
Listen 5-24-2016

Oklahoma Legislature Passes Bill Criminalizing Abortion
Listen 5-23-2016

Supreme Court Punts On Little Sisters Vs. Obamacare
Listen 5-20-2016

Obama's Bathroom Mandate
Listen 5-19-2016

Gay Rebellion in the UMC
Listen 5-18-2016

New Revelations on Benghazi
Listen 5-17-2016

Facebook and Journalistic Integrity
Listen 5-16-2016

A Confession of Liberal Intolerance
Listen 5-13-2016

The Battle of Law Suits Over Transgenders
Listen 5-12-2016

Doing Away With Pro Life Hyde and Helms Amendments
Listen 5-11-2016

Obama Justice Dept Vs NC Over Transgender Law
Listen 5-10-2016

A Comparison of Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump
Listen 5-9-2016

Target, and a World View of Business
Listen 5-6-2016

Persecution and Global Suffering
Listen 5-5-2016

Superstar Walks Away From Major League Baseball
Listen 5-4-2016

Colorado Court Ignores First Amendment
Listen 5-3-2016

Drafting Women Into the Military
Listen 5-2-2016

3 Stories That All Come Back To the 1st Amendment
Listen 4-29-2016

American Politics...Is She Getting What She Deserves
Listen 4-28-2016

Congress Establishes the Sale and Price of Baby Body Parts
Listen 4-27-2016

Courts Make Right Decisions in Utah
Listen 4-26-2016

Harriet Tubman the New Face of the Twenty Dollar Bill
Listen 4-25-2016

College Team Forfeits Championship Rather Than Violate Sabbath
Listen 4-22-2016

4th Circuit Court Rules in Favor Transgenders and Indecent Exposure
Listen 4-21-2016

Government Seals Upset ACLU and Other Atheists
Listen 4-20-2016

Religious Liberty in the Public and Private Sectors
Listen 4-19-2016

Following the Rules of a Republic and of a Presidential Primary
Listen 4-18-2016

Churchgoers Joining the Ranks of Cohabitating Couples
Listen 4-15-2016

The Gospel, The Masters, and Jordan Spieth
Listen 4-14-2016

A Culture That Won't Act Its Age
Listen 4-13-2016

The Need for States To Stand Firm
Listen 4-12-2016

The False Messiah of Statism
Listen 4-11-2016

When God Seems Silent
Listen 4-8-2016

An Unborn Person's Constitutional Rights
Listen 4-7-2016

Barna Research...Evangelicals and the Upcoming Election
Listen 4-6-2016

Joel Osteen...A Gospel Void of Hell Is a False Gospel
Listen 4-5-2016

LGBT Uses Final Four In Attempt to Hurt Christian Colleges
Listen 4-4-2016

Easter Egg Hunt Mirrors America
Listen 4-1-2016

Should the Church Jettison the World Evangelical
Listen 3-31-2016

Should the Church Jettison the World Evangelical
Listen 3-30-2016

Discrimination, Toleration, Words Have Meaning
Listen 3-29-2016

Terrorism and Presidential Leadership
Listen 3-28-2016

The Church and Culture Embracing Good Friday
Listen 3-25-2016

Attack In Brussells, Rumblings of the End
Listen 3-24-2016

States Leading When It Comes To Moral and Constitutional Issues
Listen 3-23-2016

Obama's Supreme Court Nominee
Listen 3-22-2016

Romans 1: Devolving as a Culture
Listen 3-21-2016

A Pragmatic or Principled Political Process
Listen 3-18-2016

Civility in the Political Arena
Listen 3-17-2016

Corporate Invasion on Christian Liberty
Listen 3-16-2016

Gov. Intrusion on Parents and Education
Listen 3-15-2016

The 5 Fold Paradigm for Wise Voting
Listen 3-14-2016

The Danger of Pastoral Endorsements
Listen 3-11-2016

The Planned Parenthood Presidential Primary
Listen 3-10-2016

Christian Athletes Losing Endorsements When Standing for Biblical Values
Listen 3-9-2016

Is the Slaughter of Syrian Christians Genocide?
Listen 3-8-2016

The Debasing of Debate and Culture
Listen 3-7-2016

A Look at Super Tuesday and Vision
Listen 3-4-2016

How Do We Deal With Biased Journalism
Listen 3-3-2016

Atlanta Fires Christian Fire Chief over Bible Study Book
Listen 3-2-2016

Charlotte City Council Embraces Transgender Bathroom Bill
Listen 3-1-2016

Where Does the Presidential Primary Go From Here?
Listen 2-29-2016

Roman Catholic Voices in the Public Square
Listen 2-26-2016

Walls Vs. Bridges, The Pope Vs. The Donald
Listen 2-25-2016

Analyzing the South Carolina Primary and the Evangelical Voter
Listen 2-24-2016

SCOTUS, Where Do We Go From Here?
Listen 2-23-2016

The Legacy of Antonin Scalia
Listen 2-22-2016

Condom Nation Hits Middle Schools
Listen 2-19-2016

Historic Gathering of Muslims to Discuss Protecting Religious Minorities
Listen 2-18-2016

The Super Bow; A Snapshot of Culture
Listen 2-17-2016

The Military Drafting of Women
Listen 2-16-2016

Presidential Politics
Listen 2-15-2016

Politicians Quoting Francis of Assisi
Listen 2-12-2016

Transgenders Abusing Title IX, Taking Womens Rights Away
Listen 2-11-2016

Federal Gov. Keeping Tabs on Christian Colleges
Listen 2-10-2016

Worldwide Persecution of Christians in 2015
Listen 2-9-2016

President Obama Gives Remarks at Baltimore Mosque
Listen 2-8-2016

Why Bernie Sanders Doesn't Participate in Organized Religion
Listen 2-5-2016

Wheaton College Faculty Opposes Effort to Fire Prof...Franklin Graham Responds
Listen 2-4-2016

Iowa Caucuses
Listen 2-3-2016

Conflict of Interest in Texas Planned Parenthood Grand Jury Indictment
Listen 2-2-2016

Endorsements, Polling, and Presidential Politics
Listen 2-1-2016

A Balanced Approach to the Refugee Debate
Listen 1-29-2016

Christian Faith and the Political Process of Picking a Candidate
Listen 1-28-2016

Gay Marriage and the Episcopal Church
Listen 1-27-2016

The Death Fruits of Abortion
Listen 1-26-2016

The Release of the American Hostages From Iran
Listen 1-25-2016

The Heresy of Worshiptainment
Listen 1-22-2016

The Influence of Christianity on Sports
Listen 1-21-2016

The State of the Union
Listen 1-20-2016

Why Everyone Loses With Powerball
Listen 1-19-2016

A Review of the GOP Debate
Listen 1-18-2016

January 15, 2016
Listen 1-15-2016

January 14, 2016
Listen 1-14-2016

January 13, 2016
Listen 1-13-2016

January 12, 2016
Listen 1-12-2016

January 11, 2016
Listen 1-11-2016

Preaching For Wealth and Fame or the Glory of God
Listen 1-8-2016

Oregon Bakers Pay Fine For Not Participating in Gay Marriage Ceremony
Listen 1-7-2016

2015, The Year of School Choice
Listen 1-6-2016

NCY Commission Invokes Unbiblical PC Speech Police
Listen 1-5-2016

Franklin Graham and Political Party Affiliation
Listen 1-4-2016

A Look Back On 2015 And A Glance Into 2016
Listen 1-1-2016

Wheaton College Professor Aligns With Muslims (Part 2)
Listen 12-31-2015

Court Rules Mass. Catholic School Must Hire Gay Man
Listen 12-30-2015

Liberal Human Rights Campaign Group Attacks Christian Schools
Listen 12-29-2015

Franklin Graham Says Shame on GOP for Funding Planned Parenthood
Listen 12-28-2015

St. Nick and the Incarnation
Listen 12-25-2015

Can Open Practicing Homosexuals Claim To Be Christian
Listen 12-24-2015

Wheaton College Prof Says Islam and Christianity Serve The Same God
Listen 12-23-2015

Boy Scouts Have Forced Themselves To Allow Girls into BSA
Listen 12-22-2015

GOP Debate... Are We in World War 3?
Listen 12-21-2015

The Fruits of Raising a Self-Centered Generation
Listen 12-18-2015

A Christian Response to Climate Change Debate
Listen 12-17-2015

P.C. Speech Being Applied to Abortion
Listen 12-16-2015

Poor Gov't Policies Negative Affect on Families
Listen 12-15-2015

Reaction To Trumps Muslim Comments
Listen 12-14-2015

Lightening Round... Colorado Shooter, Paris Summit on Climate Change, Evangelical Church in Molenbeek
Listen 12-11-2015

The San Bernardino Shooting ... Should Christians Arm Themselves?
Listen 12-10-2015

The San Bernardino Shooting in Light of Luke 13:1-5
Listen 12-9-2015

The San Bernardino Shooting... New York Daily News, "God Isn't Fixing This"
Listen 12-8-2015

The San Bernardino Shooting
Listen 12-7-2015

Atheist Professor Admits Left Mocks Christianity But Give Pass To Islam
Listen 12-4-2015

The Rise of Drugs and Suicide for Middle Aged White Males
Listen 12-3-2015

State Lotteries... Easy Money or Big Problems
Listen 12-2-2015

Dr. Willy Parker's Absurd Rational For Performing Abortions
Listen 12-1-2015

Louisiana Governor's Race; Character Still Matters
Listen 11-30-2015

Lightening Round... NFL Player Notes Hypocrisy in Prayer... Historian Whoopi Goldberg... Pensacola Theological Institute
Listen 11-27-2015

Thanksgiving... Prayer For The Persecuted Church
Listen 11-26-2015

Istanbul Soccer Match
Listen 11-25-2015

A Religious Litmus Test In America
Listen 11-24-2015

The Syrian Refugee Debate
Listen 11-23-2015

Coffee Cups and Christmas Wars... NFL Quarterbacks and Christ
Listen 11-20-2015

Supreme Court to Hear Christian Case on Obamacare Requirements
Listen 11-19-2015

Political Correctness on the College Campus, A Needed Lesson In Leadership
Listen 11-18-2015

The Media Attack on Dr. Ben Carson, Is there a Double Standard
Listen 11-17-2015

The GOP Debate, Strong Military or Fiscal Conservatism, Who is Correct?
Listen 11-16-2015

Friday Lightening Round... Religion Among Democrats, Is Homophobia A Disorder, Trouble For Marco Rubio
Listen 11-13-2015

Double Standard on Religious Liberty, Christians Are Fined; Muslims are Rewarded
Listen 11-12-2015

U.S. Department of Education Pushes for Transgender Male To Shower With Females
Listen 11-11-2015

A Biblical Perspective on the Nov 3rd Elections (Part 2)
Listen 11-10-2015

A Biblical Perspective on the Nov 3rd Elections (Part 1)
Listen 11-9-2015

The National Association of Evangelicals and Death Penalty
Listen 11-6-2015

Is The Church Losing the Culture War
Listen 11-5-2015

Two Case Studies on Religious Freedom
Listen 11-4-2015

CNBC Republican Debate (Part 2)
Listen 11-3-2015

CNBC Republican Debate (Part 1)
Listen 11-2-2015

Daniel Murphy, Baseball and the Gospel
Listen 10-30-2015

A Followup On The Movie Woodlawn, Football and Standing For Christ
Listen 10-29-2015

The Tale of Two Soldiers, The Military Experiment
Listen 10-28-2015

Joe Biden Takes One For The Team
Listen 10-27-2015

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House
Listen 10-26-2015

Demands To Remove the Bust of Margaret Sanger From the National Portrait Gallery
Listen 10-23-2015

Imposing A New Bigotry Against Christians
Listen 10-22-2015

Facing Apocalyptic Beasts
Listen 10-21-2015

California Legislature Pushes Abortion and Assisted Suicide
Listen 10-20-2015

The Democrat Debate and Socialism
Listen 10-19-2015

Negative Campaign Tactics in Politics
Listen 10-16-2015

The Backlash From Recreational Marijuana
Listen 10-15-2015

Latest Planned Parenthood Video From the Center for Medical Progress
Listen 10-14-2015

Obama's Ever Changing Views on Religious Liberty
Listen 10-13-2015

Christian Victims in Oregon Mass Shooting
Listen 10-12-2015

Lesbian Couple Demands Christian School Admit Their Child
Listen 10-9-2015

Planned Parenthood Hearing
Listen 10-8-2015

John Boehner Resigns, Taking on the Battles of Life
Listen 10-7-2015

Syria a Void of Leadership
Listen 10-6-2015

A Perspective on the Pope's Visit
Listen 10-5-2015

Religious Liberty, The Pope and the Sanctity of Life
Listen 10-2-2015

Litmus Test For Federal Justice
Listen 10-1-2015

Religous Freedomes Declining
Listen 9-30-2015

Dems Block Unborn Child Protection Act
Listen 9-29-2015

Ben Carson Sharia Law and Constitution are Not Consistent
Listen 9-28-2015

Defunding Planned Parenthood vs. Shut Down Govt.
Listen 9-25-2015

Pressuring College Athletes to Promote Gay Agenda
Listen 9-24-2015

AL getting out of Marriage License Business
Listen 9-23-2015

Linking Iran Sanctions To Israel and Freeing Americans
Listen 9-22-2015

Reaction to 2nd GOP Debate
Listen 9-21-2015

Hard Decisions .... Conjoined Twins
Listen 9-18-2015

Woodlawn The Movie, with Jon and Andy Erwin (Part 2)
Listen 9-17-2015

Woodlawn The Movie, with Jon and Andy Erwin (Part 1)
Listen 9-16-2015

Embers To a Flame... Revitalizing the Church
Listen 9-15-2015

Why We Produce "Today InPerspective?"
Listen 9-14-2015

Non Politicians Leading the GOP Presidential Primary
Listen 9-11-2015

The Untimely Death of a Believer
Listen 9-10-2015

Secular Arts Vs. Christian Arts
Listen 9-9-2015

Police Being Gunned Down
Listen 9-8-2015

Center For Medical Progress, Video 9, Planned Parenthood Sale Of Baby Body Parts
Listen 9-7-2015

P.C. On The College Campus
Listen 9-4-2015

Candidates and Religious Liberty
Listen 9-3-2015

Abortion, Pursuing the Battle
Listen 9-2-2015

Stopping The Abortion of Babies With Down Syndrome
Listen 9-1-2015

Roanoke Shooting
Listen 8-31-2015

Lightening Round, Reopening of Cuban Embassy, Iran to Inspect Itself, Statue to Satan
Listen 8-28-2015

Illegal Immigration and Anchor Babies
Listen 8-27-2015

Pornography and Public Health
Listen 8-26-2015

Parental Rights Curbed In Oregon
Listen 8-25-2015

Kentucky Clerk Refuses To Issue Gay Marriage Licenses
Listen 8-24-2015

Lightening Round of News Stories
Listen 8-21-2015

Persecution of Christians and Obama Response
Listen 8-20-2015

Holmes Verdict and the Death Penalty
Listen 8-19-2015

Union University Stands For Marriage
Listen 8-18-2015

Planned Parenthood Video 6
Listen 8-17-2015

Court Orders Christian Pharmacists to Sell Morning After Pill
Listen 8-14-2015

Sen. Votes on Defunding Planned Parenthood
Listen 8-13-2015

Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Cadavers
Listen 8-12-2015

Reflections on the GOP Debate (Part 2)
Listen 8-11-2015

Reflections on the GOP Debate (Part 1)
Listen 8-10-2015

Houston Pastors Push Through a Victory
Listen 8-7-2015

Federal Court Says No To Prayer
Listen 8-6-2015

Boy Scouts Welcome Gay Leaders
Listen 8-5-2015

Planned Parenthood
Listen 8-4-2015

Mike Huckabee, The Holocaust and The Iranian Deal
Listen 8-3-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - How the Christian Responds To A Hostile World
Listen 7-31-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - The First Amendment Defense Act
Listen 7-30-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - American's Views on Leadership
Listen 7-29-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - President Response to Chattanooga Shooting
Listen 7-28-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - Planned Parenthood
Listen 7-27-2015

Lightening Round of News Issues
Listen 7-24-2015

Talking To Your Kids About Same Sex Marriage
Listen 7-23-2015

Is God Sovereign Over The Disappointing Decisions Coming Out Of Washington DC?
Listen 7-22-2015

Oklahoma Gov. Says no To Court Over Opinion That Ten Commandments Removal
Listen 7-21-2015

Oregon offers Taxpayer Funded Sex Changes For 15 Year Olds Without Parental Notification
Listen 7-20-2015

Dr. Paul McHugh of Johns Hopkins and Transgenderism
Listen 7-17-2015

Kenya Says No To Obama and Homosexuality, Columbia and Euthanasia
Listen 7-16-2015

The Christian Magistrate and Civil Disobedience
Listen 7-15-2015

The Future of Christian Colleges
Listen 7-14-2015

Same Sex Marriage and Christian Business
Listen 7-13-2015

Putting Totday's News in Biblical Perspective... Texas Abortion Law...Confederate Flag
Listen 7-10-2015

Putting Capital Punishment in Biblical Perspective
Listen 7-09-2015

A Biblical Perspective on the Supreme Court Decision on Same Sex Marriage (Part 3)
Listen 7-08-2015

A Biblical Perspective on the Supreme Court Decision on Same Sex Marriage (Part 2)
Listen 7-07-2015

A Biblical Perspective on the Supreme Court Decision on Same Sex Marriage (Part 1)
Listen 7-06-2015

Special Needs Children In Death Culture
Listen 7-03-2015

Fallen Christian Leaders
Listen 7-02-2015

Observation on Two Courtrooms and Two Terrorists
Listen 7-01-2015

The City of Charleston and Forgiveness
Listen 6-30-2015

Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare
Listen 6-29-2015

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bills That Provide Protection For Faith Based Adoption Agencies That Don't Want To Place Children With Same Sex Couples... ACLU Sues
Listen 6-26-2015

A Christian View of Marriage as Public Policy (Part 2)
Listen 6-25-2015

Tony Campolo's Statement on Gay Marriage
Listen 6-24-2015

The Identity Crisis of Rachel Dolezal and Bruce Jenner
Listen 6-23-2015

Shooting At AME Church In Charleston, SC
Listen 6-22-2015

Father's Day, A Biblical Duty for Dads (Part 3)
Listen 6-19-2015

Father's Day, A Biblical Duty for Dads (Part 2)
Listen 6-18-2015

Father's Day, A Biblical Duty for Dads (Part 1)
Listen 6-17-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - Pew Research Report on Religion (Part 2)
Listen 6-16-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - Pew Research Report on Religion (Part 1)
Listen 6-15-2015

The Response of the Church to Families
Listen 6-12-2015

The Loss of Childhood
Listen 6-11-2015

Special Needs Children
Listen 6-10-2015

Handing Off Advantages To Your Children
Listen 6-9-2015

The Unfair Advantage of Family
Listen 6-8-2015

Biblical Ethics and the Place of Gods' Law
Listen 6-5-2015

Gay Scout Leaders
Listen 6-4-2015

The Dangerous Seduction of Pornography
Listen 6-3-2015

The Duggar Family, Dealing With Past Sins (Part 2)
Listen 6-2-2015

The Duggar Family, Dealing With Past Sins (Part 1)
Listen 6-1-2015

The Issues of Origins with Ken Ham From Answers in Genesis (Part 3)
Listen 5-29-2015

The Issues of Origins with Ken Ham From Answers in Genesis (Part 2)
Listen 5-28-2015

The Issues of Origins with Ken Ham From Answers in Genesis (Part 1)
Listen 5-27-2015

Today's News In Perspective - Tenn Pro Life Legislation
Listen 5-26-2015

Today's News In Perspective - The Rise of Home Schoolers
Listen 5-25-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - Un-Broken and Forgiveness
Listen 5-22-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - Hindu Flood Account
Listen 5-21-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - Dr. Ben Carson
Listen 5-20-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - Recent UK Election
Listen 5-19-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - Transgender Issue
Listen 5-18-2015

Moral Relativism and America's Need For A Moral Compass (Part 3)
Listen 5-15-2015

Moral Relativism and America's Need For A Moral Compass (Part 2)
Listen 5-14-2015

Relativism and America's Need For A Moral Compass (Part 1)
Listen 5-13-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective ...Laws Against Christian Counselors
Listen 5-12-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - Three Way Marriage To Be Legal In England
Listen 5-11-2015

In Search of Christian Character (Part 3)
Listen 5-8-2015

In Search of Christian Character (Part 2)
Listen 5-7-2015

In Search of Christian Character (Part 1)
Listen 5-6-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - Government Control Over the Evangelical Church
Listen 5-5-2015

Today's News In Biblical Perspective - The Oral Arguments at the Supreme Court On The Gay Marriage Issue
Listen 5-4-2015

Difficult Passages From the Scriptures (Part 3)
Listen 5-1-2015

Difficult Passages From the Scriptures (Part 2)
Listen 4-30-2015

Difficult Passages From the Scriptures (Part 1)
Listen 4-29-2015

Today's News In Perspective - GOP and Gay Marriage
Listen 4-28-2015

Today's News In Perspective - GOP and Gay Marriage
Listen 4-27-2015

Eschatology, Are These The Birth Pangs? (Part 3)
Listen 4-24-2015

Eschatology, Are These The Birth Pangs? (Part 2)
Listen 4-23-2015

Eschatology, Are These The Birth Pangs? (Part 1)
Listen 4-22-2015

Today's News In Perspective - Another Look at the Religious Freedom Restoration Act
Listen 4-21-2015

Today’s News In Perspective – North Charleston and Reconciliation
Listen 4-20-2015

How Did Evil Come Into the World (Part 4)
Listen 4-17-2015

How Did Evil Come Into the World (Part 3)
Listen 4-16-2015

How Did Evil Come Into the World (Part 2)
Listen 4-15-2015

How Did Evil Come Into the World (Part 1)
Listen 4-14-2015

The Courts Double Standard On Gay Marriage, Martyrs in Kenya
Listen 4-13-2015

The Doctrine of Hell (Part 4)
Listen 4-10-2015

The Doctrine of Hell (Part 3)
Listen 4-9-2015

The Doctrine of Hell (Part 2)
Listen 4-8-2015

The Doctrine of Hell (Part 1)
Listen 4-7-2015

Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act
Listen 4-6-2015

Unbroken, Louie Zamperini, and Forgiveness (Part 3)
Listen 4-3-2015

Unbroken, Louie Zamperini, and Forgiveness (Part 2)
Listen 4-2-2015

Unbroken, Louie Zamperini, and Forgiveness (Part 1)
Listen 4-1-2015

Ted Cruz Shares His Christian Testimony As He Announces A Run For The Presidency
Listen 3-31-2015

Today's News InPerspective - Hillary Clinton, Integrity and the Presidency
Listen 3-30-2015

Today's News InPerspective - Hillary Clinton, Integrity and the Presidency
Listen 3-30-2015

What Happens When I Die? (Part 4)
Listen 3-27-2015

What Happens When I Die? (Part 3)
Listen 3-26-2015

What Happens When I Die? (Part 2)
Listen 3-25-2015

What Happens When I Die? (Part 1)
Listen 3-24-2015

Putting Today's News In Perspective
Listen 3-23-2015

What Does It Mean To Be A New Creature In Christ? (Part 4)
Listen 3-20-2015

What Does It Mean To Be A New Creature In Christ? (Part 3)
Listen 3-19-2015

What Does It Mean To Be A New Creature In Christ? (Part 2)
Listen 3-18-2015

What Does It Mean To Be A New Creature In Christ? (Part 1)
Listen 3-17-2015

A Biblical Perspective on the Racist Video From a College Fraternity
Listen 3-16-2015

Reaching The Inner City Through Christian Education (Part 4)
Listen 3-13-2015

Reaching The Inner City Through Christian Education (Part 3)
Listen 3-12-2015

Reaching The Inner City Through Christian Education (Part 2)
Listen 3-11-2015

Reaching The Inner City Through Christian Education (Part 1)
Listen 3-10-2015

Netanyahu Speech
Listen 3-9-2015

Alabama Traditional Marriage Law (Part 2)
Listen 3-6-2015

Alabama Traditional Marriage Law (Part 1)
Listen 3-5-2015

Listen 3-4-2015

Evangelicals Running For High Office
Listen 3-3-2015

Scott Walker Being Mocked For His Faith
Listen 3-2-2015

Islam and Political Correctness (Part 5)
Listen 2-27-2015

Islam and Political Correctness (Part 4)
Listen 2-26-2015

Islam and Political Correctness (Part 3)
Listen 2-25-2015

Islam and Political Correctness (Part 2)
Listen 2-24-2015

Islam and Political Correctness (Part 1)
Listen 2-23-2015

Woodlawn (Part 5)
Listen 2-20-2015

Woodlawn (Part 4)
Listen 2-19-2015

Woodlawn (Part 3)
Listen 2-18-2015

Woodlawn (Part 2)
Listen 2-17-2015

Woodlawn (Part 1)
Listen 2-16-2015

Approaching All of Life Through the Lens of Scripture (Part 5)
Listen 2-13-2015

Approaching All of Life Through the Lens of Scripture (Part 4)
Listen 2-12-2015

Approaching All of Life Through the Lens of Scripture (Part 3)
Listen 2-11-2015

Approaching All of Life Through the Lens of Scripture (Part 2)
Listen 2-10-2015

Approaching All of Life Through the Lens of Scripture (Part 1)
Listen 2-9-2015

Suffering (Part 5)
Listen 2-6-2015

Suffering (Part 4)
Listen 2-5-2015

Suffering (Part 3)
Listen 2-4-2015

Suffering (Part 2)
Listen 2-3-2015

Suffering (Part 1)
Listen 2-2-2015

Do The Next Right Thing (Part 5)
Listen 1-30-2015

Do The Next Right Thing (Part 4)
Listen 1-29-2015

Do The Next Right Thing (Part 3)
Listen 1-28-2015

Do The Next Right Thing (Part 2)
Listen 1-27-2015

Do The Next Right Thing (Part 1)
Listen 1-26-2015

What Will Christians, Churches and Seminaries Face In The Next Generation? (Part 5)
Listen 1-23-2015

What Will Christians, Churches and Seminaries Face In The Next Generation? (Part 4)
Listen 1-22-2015

What Will Christians, Churches and Seminaries Face In The Next Generation? (Part 3)
Listen 1-21-2015

What Will Christians, Churches and Seminaries Face In The Next Generation? (Part 2)
Listen 1-20-2015

What Will Christians, Churches and Seminaries Face In The Next Generation? (Part 1)
Listen 1-19-2015

Does the Separation of Church and State Mean The Separation of God and Government (Part 5)
Listen 1-16-2015

Does the Separation of Church and State Mean The Separation of God and Government (Part 4)
Listen 1-15-2015

Does the Separation of Church and State Mean The Separation of God and Government (Part 3)
Listen 1-14-2015

Does the Separation of Church and State Mean The Separation of God and Government (Part 2)
Listen 1-13-2015

Does the Separation of Church and State Mean The Separation of God and Government (Part 1)
Listen 1-12-2015

An Immodest Proposal for the 114th Congress (Part 5)
Listen 1-9-2015

An Immodest Proposal for the 114th Congress (Part 4)
Listen 1-8-2015

An Immodest Proposal for the 114th Congress (Part 3)
Listen 1-7-2015

An Immodest Proposal for the 114th Congress (Part 2)
Listen 1-6-2015

An Immodest Proposal for the 114th Congress (Part 1)
Listen 1-5-2015

Resolutions (Part 5)
Listen 1-2-2015

Resolutions (Part 4)
Listen 1-1-2015

Resolutions (Part 3)
Listen 12-31-2014

Resolutions (Part 2)
Listen 12-30-2014

Resolutions (Part 1)
Listen 12-29-2014

The Signs of Christmas (Part 5)
Listen 12-26-2014

The Signs of Christmas (Part 4)
Listen 12-25-2014

The Signs of Christmas (Part 3)
Listen 12-24-2014

The Signs of Christmas (Part 2)
Listen 12-23-2014

The Signs of Christmas (Part 1)
Listen 12-22-2014

Worship The Newborn King (Part 5)
Listen 12-19-2014

Worship The Newborn King (Part 4)
Listen 12-18-2014

Worship The Newborn King (Part 3)
Listen 12-17-2014

Worship The Newborn King (Part 2)
Listen 12-16-2014

Worship The Newborn King (Part 1)
Listen 12-15-2014

Tolkien, Lewis, Film and Biography (Part 5)
Listen 12-12-2014

Tolkien, Lewis, Film and Biography (Part 4)
Listen 12-11-2014

Tolkien, Lewis, Film and Biography (Part 3)
Listen 12-10-2014

Tolkien, Lewis, Film and Biography (Part 2)
Listen 12-9-2014

Tolkien, Lewis, Film and Biography (Part 1)
Listen 12-8-2014

A Call To Run... With Gary Palmer (Part 5)
Listen 12-5-2014

A Call To Run... With Gary Palmer (Part 4)
Listen 12-4-2014

A Call To Run... With Gary Palmer (Part 3)
Listen 12-3-2014

A Call To Run... With Gary Palmer (Part 2)
Listen 12-2-2014

A Call To Run... With Gary Palmer (Part 1)
Listen 12-1-2014

Traditions...Holidays and Christ (Part 5)
Listen 11-28-2014

Traditions...Holidays and Christ (Part 4)
Listen 11-27-2014

Traditions...Holidays and Christ (Part 3)
Listen 11-26-2014

Traditions...Holidays and Christ (Part 2)
Listen 11-25-2014

Traditions...Holidays and Christ (Part 1)
Listen 11-24-2014

Honoring Our Parents In Their Sunset Years (Part 5)
Listen 11-21-2014

Honoring Our Parents In Their Sunset Years (Part 4)
Listen 11-20-2014

Honoring Our Parents In Their Sunset Years (Part 3)
Listen 11-19-2014

Honoring Our Parents In Their Sunset Years (Part 2)
Listen 11-18-2014

Honoring Our Parents In Their Sunset Years (Part 1)
Listen 11-17-2014

Current Events (Part 5)
Listen 11-14-2014

Current Events (Part 4)
Listen 11-13-2014

Current Events (Part 3)
Listen 11-12-2014

Current Events (Part 2)
Listen 11-11-2014

Biblical Counseling (Part 5)
Events (Part 1)
Listen 11-10-2014

Biblical Counseling (Part 5)
Listen 11-7-2014

Biblical Counseling (Part 4)
Listen 11-6-2014

Biblical Counseling (Part 3)
Listen 11-5-2014

Biblical Counseling (Part 2)
Listen 11-4-2014

Biblical Counseling (Part 1)
Listen 11-3-2014

Chrisitianity and Science (Part 5)
Listen 10-31-2014

Chrisitianity and Science (Part 4)
Listen 10-30-2014

Chrisitianity and Science (Part 3)
Listen 10-29-2014

Chrisitianity and Science (Part 2)
Listen 10-28-2014

Chrisitianity and Science (Part 1)
Listen 10-27-2014

The Christian and The Culture (Part 5)
Listen 10-24-2014

The Christian and The Culture (Part 4)
Listen 10-28-2014

The Christian and The Culture (Part 3)

Listen 10-22-2014

The Christian and The Culture (Part 2)
Listen 10-21-2014

The Christian and The Culture (Part 1)
Listen 10-20-2014

Wielding The Sword of the Spirit (Part 5)
Listen 10-17-2014

Wielding The Sword of the Spirit (Part 4)
Listen 10-16-2014

Wielding The Sword of the Spirit (Part 3)
Listen 10-15-2014

Wielding The Sword of the Spirit (Part 2)

Wielding The Sword of the Spirit (Part 1)

Finding Sexual Sanity in a Sex Crazed World (Part 5)

Finding Sexual Sanity in a Sex Crazed World (Part 4)

Finding Sexual Sanity in a Sex Crazed World (Part 3)

Finding Sexual Sanity in a Sex Crazed World (Part 2)

Finding Sexual Sanity in a Sex Crazed World (Part 1)

The Ethic of Honesty (Part 5)

The Ethic of Honesty (Part 4)

The Ethic of Honesty (Part 3)

The Ethic of Honesty (Part 2)

The Ethic of Honesty (Part 1)

What Happens After I Die? (Part 5)

What Happens After I Die? (Part 4)

What Happens After I Die? (Part 3)

What Happens After I Die? (Part 2)

What Happens After I Die? (Part 1)

James, Earned Salvation, or Genuine Validation (Part 5)

James, Earned Salvation, or Genuine Validation (Part 4)

James, Earned Salvation, or Genuine Validation (Part 3)

James, Earned Salvation, or Genuine Validation (Part 2)

James, Earned Salvation, or Genuine Validation (Part 1)

Rulers, Gospel, and Government (Part 5)

Rulers, Gospel, and Government (Part 4)

Rulers, Gospel, and Government (Part 3)

Rulers, Gospel, and Government (Part 2)

Rulers, Gospel, and Government (Part 1)

The Gospel and Sanctification (Part 5)

The Gospel and Sanctification (Part 4)

The Gospel and Sanctification (Part 3)

The Gospel and Sanctification (Part 2)

The Gospel and Sanctification (Part 1)

The Struggles of Christian Men (Part 5)

The Struggles of Christian Men (Part 4)

The Struggles of Christian Men (Part 3)

The Struggles of Christian Men (Part 2)

The Struggles of Christian Men (Part 1)

How Can I Know For Sure? (Part 5)

How Can I Know For Sure? (Part 4)

How Can I Know For Sure? (Part 3)

How Can I Know For Sure? (Part 2)

How Can I Know For Sure? (Part 1)

Nehemiah and Godly Confidence (Part 5)

Nehemiah and Godly Confidence (Part 4)

Nehemiah and Godly Confidence (Part 3)

Nehemiah and Godly Confidence (Part 2)

Nehemiah and Godly Confidence (Part 1)

Current Events (Part 5)

Current Events (Part 4)

Current Events (Part 3)

Current Events (Part 2)

Current Events (Part 1)

Divorce and Remarriage (Part 5)

Divorce and Remarriage (Part 4)

Divorce and Remarriage (Part 3)

Divorce and Remarriage (Part 2)

Divorce and Remarriage (Part 1)

Five Passages and Five Principles for Parenting (Part 5)

Five Passages and Five Principles for Parenting (Part 4)

Five Passages and Five Principles for Parenting (Part 3)

Five Passages and Five Principles for Parenting (Part 2)

Five Passages and Five Principles for Parenting (Part 1)

War... Is There A Biblical Justification? (Part 5)

War... Is There A Biblical Justification? (Part 4)

War... Is There A Biblical Justification? (Part 3)

War... Is There A Biblical Justification? (Part 2)

War... Is There A Biblical Justification? (Part 1)

How Did Evil Come Into The World (Part 5)

How Did Evil Come Into The World (Part 4)

How Did Evil Come Into The World (Part 3)

How Did Evil Come Into The World (Part 2)

How Did Evil Come Into The World (Part 1)

A Biblical Perspective and Conversation on Independence Day (Part 5)

A Biblical Perspective and Conversation on Independence Day (Part 4)

A Biblical Perspective and Conversation on Independence Day (Part 3)

A Biblical Perspective and Conversation on Independence Day (Part 2)

A Biblical Perspective and Conversation on Independence Day (Part 1)

JR Tolkien and CS Lewis - Week 2 (Part 5)

JR Tolkien and CS Lewis - Week 2 (Part 4)

JR Tolkien and CS Lewis - Week 2 (Part 3)

JR Tolkien and CS Lewis - Week 2 (Part 2)

JR Tolkien and CS Lewis - Week 2 (Part 1)

JR Tolkien and CS Lewis - Week 1 (Part 5)

JR Tolkien and CS Lewis - Week 1 (Part 4)

JR Tolkien and CS Lewis - Week 1 (Part 3)

JR Tolkien and CS Lewis - Week 1 (Part 2)

JR Tolkien and CS Lewis - Week 1 (Part 1)

Father's Day... A Biblical Duty For Dads (Part 5)

Father's Day... A Biblical Duty For Dads (Part 4)

Father's Day... A Biblical Duty For Dads (Part 3)

Father's Day... A Biblical Duty For Dads (Part 2)

Father's Day... A Biblical Duty For Dads (Part 1)

Emboldened To Share The Gospel (Part 5)

Emboldened To Share The Gospel (Part 4)

Emboldened To Share The Gospel (Part 3)

Emboldened To Share The Gospel (Part 2)

Emboldened To Share The Gospel (Part 1)

Mentoring Next Political Leaders (Part 5)

Mentoring Next Political Leaders (Part 4)

Mentoring Next Political Leaders (Part 3)

Mentoring Next Political Leaders (Part 2)

Mentoring Next Political Leaders (Part 1)

How Do We Deal With Death... A Remembrance Of Pastor Tom Cheely (Part 5)

How Do We Deal With Death... A Remembrance Of Pastor Tom Cheely (Part 4)

How Do We Deal With Death... A Remembrance Of Pastor Tom Cheely (Part 3)

How Do We Deal With Death... A Remembrance Of Pastor Tom Cheely (Part 2)

How Do We Deal With Death... A Remembrance Of Pastor Tom Cheely (Part 1)

Addictions (Part 5)

Addictions (Part 4)

Addictions (Part 3)

Addictions (Part 2)

Addictions (Part 1)

Suffering (Part 5)

Suffering (Part 4)

Suffering (Part 3)

Suffering (Part 2)

Suffering (Part 1)

Current Events (Part 5)

Current Events (Part 4)

Current Events (Part 3)

Current Events (Part 2)

Current Events (Part 1)

Maxims For Life (Part 5)

Maxims For Life (Part 4)

Maxims For Life (Part 3)

Maxims For Life (Part 2)

Maxims For Life (Part 1)

Holy Week ... Passion Week (Part 5)

Holy Week ... Passion Week (Part 4)

Holy Week ... Passion Week (Part 3)

Holy Week ... Passion Week (Part 2)

Holy Week ... Passion Week (Part 1)

George Washington, America's First President (Part 5)

George Washington, America's First President (Part 4)

George Washington, America's First President (Part 3)

George Washington, America's First President (Part 2)

George Washington, America's First President (Part 1)

How Do Christians Reach Muslims? (Part 5)

How Do Christians Reach Muslims? (Part 4)

How Do Christians Reach Muslims? (Part 3)

How Do Christians Reach Muslims? (Part 2)

How Do Christians Reach Muslims? (Part 1)

The Opportunities And Dangers of Social Networking (Part 5)

The Opportunities And Dangers of Social Networking (Part 4)

The Opportunities And Dangers of Social Networking (Part 3)

The Opportunities And Dangers of Social Networking (Part 2)

The Opportunities And Dangers of Social Networking (Part 1)

Biblical Parenting Illustrated In the Lives of Mary and Joseph (Part 5)

Biblical Parenting Illustrated In the Lives of Mary and Joseph (Part 4)

Biblical Parenting Illustrated In the Lives of Mary and Joseph (Part 3)

Biblical Parenting Illustrated In the Lives of Mary and Joseph (Part 2)

Biblical Parenting Illustrated In the Lives of Mary and Joseph (Part 1)

Movies Worth Watching (Part 5)

Movies Worth Watching (Part 4)

Movies Worth Watching (Part 3)

Movies Worth Watching (Part 2)

Movies Worth Watching (Part 1)

New Creatures In Christ (Part 5)

New Creatures In Christ (Part 4)

New Creatures In Christ (Part 3)

New Creatures In Christ (Part 2)

New Creatures In Christ (Part 1)

The Real State of The Union(Part 5)

The Real State of The Union(Part 4)

The Real State of The Union(Part 3)

The Real State of The Union(Part 2)

The Real State of The Union(Part 1)

A Pastor's Perspective on the Doctrine of Creation(Part 5)

A Pastor's Perspective on the Doctrine of Creation(Part 4)

A Pastor's Perspective on the Doctrine of Creation(Part 3)

A Pastor's Perspective on the Doctrine of Creation(Part 2)

A Pastor's Perspective on the Doctrine of Creation(Part 1)

Intelligent Design(Part 5)

Intelligent Design(Part 4)

Intelligent Design(Part 3)

Intelligent Design(Part 2)

Intelligent Design(Part 1)

Old Earth Creationism(Part 5)

Old Earth Creationism(Part 4)

Old Earth Creationism(Part 3)

Old Earth Creationism(Part 2)

Old Earth Creationism(Part 1)

Young Earth Creationism(Part 5)

Young Earth Creationism(Part 4)

Young Earth Creationism(Part 3)

Young Earth Creationism(Part 2)

Young Earth Creationism(Part 1)

Science, God and Genesis(Part 5)

Science, God and Genesis(Part 4)

Science, God and Genesis(Part 3)

Science, God and Genesis(Part 2)

Science, God, and Genesis(Part 1)

Eschatology...Are These The Birth Pangs(Part 5)

Eschatology...Are These The Birth Pangs(Part 4)

Eschatology...Are These The Birth Pangs(Part 3)

Eschatology...Are These The Birth Pangs(Part 2)

Eschatology...Are These The Birth Pangs(Part 1)

Merry Hearts, Broken Spirits(Part 5)

Merry Hearts, Broken Spirits(Part 4)

Merry Hearts, Broken Spirits(Part 3)

Merry Hearts, Broken Spirits(Part 2)

Merry Hearts, Broken Spirits(Part 1)

The Hobbit(Part 5)

The Hobbit(Part 4)

The Hobbit(Part 3)

The Hobbit(Part 2)

The Hobbit(Part 1)

The Carols of Christmas(Part 5)

The Carols of Christmas(Part 4)

The Carols of Christmas(Part 3)

The Carols of Christmas(Part 2)

The Carols of Christmas(Part 1)

Worship The New Born King (Part 5)

Worship The New Born King (Part 4)

Worship The New Born King (Part 3)

Worship The New Born King (Part 2)

Worship The New Born King (Part 1)

Examining The Headlines in The News Through The Lens of Scripture (Part 5)

Examining The Headlines in The News Through The Lens of Scripture (Part 4)

Examining The Headlines in The News Through The Lens of Scripture (Part 3)

Examining The Headlines in The News Through The Lens of Scripture (Part 2)

Examining The Headlines in The News Through The Lens of Scripture (Part 1)

Lincoln and The Gettysburg Address (Part 5)

Lincoln and The Gettysburg Address (Part 4)

Lincoln and The Gettysburg Address (Part 3)

Lincoln and The Gettysburg Address (Part 2)

Lincoln and The Gettysburg Address (Part 1)

Christian Apologetics (Part 5)

Christian Apologetics (Part 4)

Christian Apologetics (Part 3)

Christian Apologetics (Part 2)

Christian Apologetics (Part 1)

By The Hand of Providence (Part 5)

By The Hand of Providence (Part 4)

By The Hand of Providence (Part 3)

By The Hand of Providence (Part 2)

By The Hand of Providence (Part 1)

Preparing For Troubled Times (Part 5)

Preparing For Troubled Times (Part 4)

Preparing For Troubled Times (Part 3)

Preparing For Troubled Times (Part 2)

Preparing For Troubled Times (Part 1)

Preparing For Troubled Times (Part 5)

Preparing For Troubled Times (Part 4)

Preparing For Troubled Times (Part 3)

Preparing For Troubled Times (Part 2)

Preparing For Troubled Times (Part 1)

Patriotism, Christianity and the Issues of Our Day (Part 5)

Patriotism, Christianity and the Issues of Our Day (Part 4)

Patriotism, Christianity and the Issues of Our Day (Part 3)

Patriotism, Christianity and the Issues of Our Day (Part 2)

Patriotism, Christianity and the Issues of Our Day (Part 1)

Finding Sexual Sanity in A Sex Crazed Culture (Part 5)

Finding Sexual Sanity in A Sex Crazed Culture (Part 4)

Finding Sexual Sanity in A Sex Crazed Culture (Part 3)

Finding Sexual Sanity in A Sex Crazed Culture (Part 2)

Finding Sexual Sanity in A Sex Crazed Culture (Part 1)

Christian Marriages in Crisis (Part 5)

Christian Marriages in Crisis (Part 4)

Christian Marriages in Crisis (Part 3)

Christian Marriages in Crisis (Part 2)

Christian Marriages in Crisis (Part 1)

Biblically Mentoring The Next Generation of Political Leaders (Part 5)

Biblically Mentoring The Next Generation of Political Leaders (Part 4)

Biblically Mentoring The Next Generation of Political Leaders (Part 3)

Biblically Mentoring The Next Generation of Political Leaders (Part 2)

Biblically Mentoring The Next Generation of Political Leaders (Part 1)

Five Marks of an Effective Authentic Christian Church (Part 5)

Five Marks of an Effective Authentic Christian Church (Part 4)

Five Marks of an Effective Authentic Christian Church (Part 3)

Five Marks of an Effective Authentic Christian Church (Part 2)

Five Marks of an Effective Authentic Christian Church (Part 1)

War;Is There A Biblical Justification? (Part 5)

War;Is There A Biblical Justification? (Part 4)

War;Is There A Biblical Justification? (Part 3)

War;Is There A Biblical Justification? (Part 2)

War;Is There A Biblical Justification? (Part 1)

Pastoral Leader and Its Implication For The Church and Home (Part 5)

Pastoral Leader and Its Implication For The Church and Home (Part 4)

Pastoral Leader and Its Implication For The Church and Home (Part 3)

Pastoral Leader and Its Implication For The Church and Home (Part 2)

Pastoral Leader and Its Implication For The Church and Home (Part 1)

Current Events (Part 5)

Current Events (Part 4)

Current Events (Part 3)

Current Events (Part 2)

Current Events (Part 1)

Philemon, A Story of Restoration (Part 5)

Philemon, A Story of Restoration (Part 4)

Philemon, A Story of Restoration (Part 3)

Philemon, A Story of Restoration (Part 2)

Philemon, A Story of Restoration (Part 1)

Heaven and Hell...Both Real...Both Eternal (Part 5)

Heaven and Hell...Both Real...Both Eternal (Part 4)

Heaven and Hell...Both Real...Both Eternal (Part 3)

Heaven and Hell...Both Real...Both Eternal (Part 2)

Heaven and Hell...Both Real...Both Eternal (Part 1)

Grandparenting (Part 5)

Grandparenting (Part 4)

Grandparenting (Part 3)

Grandparenting (Part 2)

Grandparenting (Part 1)

Prodding The Prodigal (Part 5)

Prodding The Prodigal (Part 4)

Prodding The Prodigal (Part 3)

Prodding The Prodigal (Part 2)

Prodding The Prodigal (Part 1)

Silent No More With Dr. Michael Milton (Part 5)

Silent No More With Dr. Michael Milton (Part 4)

Silent No More With Dr. Michael Milton (Part 3)

Silent No More With Dr. Michael Milton (Part 2)

Silent No More With Dr. Michael Milton (Part 1)

Gettysburg, 150 Years Later (Part 5)

Gettysburg, 150 Years Later (Part 4)

Gettysburg, 150 Years Later (Part 3)

Gettysburg, 150 Years Later (Part 2)

Gettysburg, 150 Years Later (Part 1)

Reaching Youth In A Techno Obsessed Culture (Part 5)

Reaching Youth In A Techno Obsessed Culture (Part 4)

Reaching Youth In A Techno Obsessed Culture (Part 3)

Reaching Youth In A Techno Obsessed Culture (Part 2)

Reaching Youth In A Techno Obsessed Culture (Part 1)

Current Events Through The Lens of Scripture (Part 5)

Current Events Through The Lens of Scripture (Part 4)

Current Events Through The Lens of Scripture (Part 3)

Current Events Through The Lens of Scripture (Part 2)

Current Events Through The Lens of Scripture (Part 1)

Do's and Don'ts of Dating (Part 5)

Do's and Don'ts of Dating (Part 4)

Do's and Don'ts of Dating (Part 3)

Do's and Don'ts of Dating (Part 2)

Do's and Don'ts of Dating (Part 1)

Indepence Day (Part 5)

Indepence Day (Part 4)

Indepence Day (Part 3)

Indepence Day (Part 2)

Indepence Day (Part 1)

James Salvation or Validation (Part 5)

James Salvation or Validation (Part 4)

James Salvation or Validation (Part 3)

James Salvation or Validation (Part 2)

James Salvation or Validation (Part 1)

How Are We To Deal With Death (Part 5)

How Are We To Deal With Death (Part 4)

How Are We To Deal With Death (Part 3)

How Are We To Deal With Death (Part 2)

How Are We To Deal With Death (Part 1)

A Biblical Duty For Dads (Part 5)

A Biblical Duty For Dads (Part 4)

A Biblical Duty For Dads (Part 3)

A Biblical Duty For Dads (Part 2)

A Biblical Duty For Dads (Part 1)

Current Events (Part 5)

Current Events (Part 4)

Current Events (Part 3)

Current Events (Part 2)

Current Events (Part 1)

A Christian Perspective of Suicide (Part 5)

A Christian Perspective of Suicide (Part 4)

A Christian Perspective of Suicide (Part 3)

A Christian Perspective of Suicide (Part 2)

A Christian Perspective of Suicide (Part 1)

Prayer and the Great Physician (Part 5)

Prayer and the Great Physician (Part 4)

Prayer and the Great Physician (Part 3)

Prayer and the Great Physician (Part 2)

Prayer and the Great Physician (Part 1)

Life Lessons From A Pastor (Part 5)

Life Lessons From A Pastor (Part 4)

Life Lessons From A Pastor (Part 3)

Life Lessons From A Pastor (Part 2)

Life Lessons From A Pastor (Part 1)

The Bedrock of Christianity... The Gospel (Part 5)

The Bedrock of Christianity... The Gospel (Part 4)

The Bedrock of Christianity... The Gospel (Part 3)

The Bedrock of Christianity... The Gospel (Part 2)

The Bedrock of Christianity... The Gospel (Part 1)

George Washington... America's First President (Part 5)

George Washington... America's First President (Part 4)

George Washington... America's First President (Part 3)

George Washington... America's First President (Part 2)

George Washington... America's First President (Part 1)